MACH37™ Launches Latest Class of Cybersecurity Startups

By Editor March 25, 2014

Submitted by: Christina Talhame

Herndon, VA – March 25, 2014 – This week, MACH37™ announced the launch of its Spring 2014 session for cybersecurity startups in its Herndon, Virginia, headquarters. Out of over 40 applicants, five companies were selected to participate in the Spring Cohort to accelerate the growth of their innovative concepts and bring their technologies to market.

As a focused business accelerator, MACH37™ brings together domain experts, successful cybersecurity entrepreneurs, and investors to create a platform for success for innovators and their startups. The MACH37™ program consists of an intense 90-day program in which the selected startups are mentored in all aspects of creating a sustainable and successful business. Participants receive a $50,000 investment to develop and launch their ideas into emerging, investable companies. By drawing on Mach37’s large network of experts and entrepreneurs, companies involved in the program are guided toward creating successful companies that can take a visionary market position. We help our companies test their ideas and products, before tuning them in real customer environments.

“We are very excited to launch our Spring class of companies who bring to us an excellent and innovative collection of ideas,” said Rick Gordon, Managing Partner of MACH37™. “We look for companies globally who are driven to disrupt the market with a fresh approach to thwarting an aggressive and growing worldwide threat. We welcome our five new startups and look forward to introducing them to investors, and the market, in June 2014.”

Five companies were selected for the Spring 2014 Cohort of MACH37™:

– Axon Ghost Sentinel ( – Hugh Brooks, President, Harrisonburg, VA

– CardKill™ ( – Mark Hardy, CEO, Largo, FL

– Disrupt6 ( – Joe Klein, CEO, Herndon, VA

– Fast Orientation, Inc. ( – Dr. Sam Small, CEO, Menlo Park, CA

– IDentia Inc. ( – Dr. Nick Duan, CEO, Herndon, VA

Investors, customers, partners, and future applicants are encouraged to visit MACH37™ and meet our Spring Class to experience the energy and breadth of ideas that we are honored to nurture and host.

About MACH37™

MACH37™ is the premier accelerator for cybersecurity entrepreneurs and startups. We go beyond the traditional model of typical business accelerators by bringing our innovators focused mentoring and support from our extensive network of visionaries, practitioners, and successful entrepreneurs in cybersecurity. Our Spring and Fall sessions are designed to propel graduating companies into the marketplace, tooled with the skills to grow and compete for funding and market share. MACH37™ was launched in 2013 by the Center for Innovative Technology, in Herndon, Virginia. To learn more, please visit

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