Meet The Automation Startup Helping Software Companies Scale Communication With A Personal Touch

By Tim Hinchliffe June 12, 2017
automation software

Automation software processes can automate repetitive and taxing work. ConvertLoop, a user engagement platform, is currently working on providing effective and personalised communication between company and customer, at scale.

Targeting business founders, growth hackers and product managers, ConvertLoop will engage these company’s users and encourage them to take action based on their personal experiences with the company’s products.

Ultimately, Convertloop aims to provide a personal touch to communication between a company and their user and scale this appropriately. They can help companies track their users’ behavior by showing exactly what specific users are doing on their Web App and use this information to create personalised communication at a scale.

ConvertLoop technologies reduce the need for hands-on interaction of sales. Rather, it supports company workers to onboard, upsell, and retain their online users. This can better the company’s service, boost retention and increase the involvement rate of the company’s clients.

automation software

Nayib Abdala, Founder and CEO of ConvertLoop

“In previous entrepreneurial work I uncovered the need to communicate with our users in the most effective and opportune way,” said Nayib Abdala, the CEO and Founder of ConvertLoop. “To do so, the company needed a tool to show exactly what specific users were doing on our Web App, so we could use that information to create personalized communications, at a scale.”

With Convertloop it is not one for all. They have hyper-targeted user segmentation, dividing customers based on their behavior or specific custom attributes. With this division, companies can send one-time messages to any kind of user segment. They also provide automated email sequences to communicate with online users with what is actually of their interest. The software is not limited to predefined actions and triggers, but gives the user total freedom to create their own rules and user segments using different filters.

Step-by-step, Convertloop breaks down and automates the communication process. Tracking user behaviour and targeting them appropriately can help the long-term goal. Collecting customer data and using algorithms can ensure constant improvement of communication with users and a better relation between company and customer.

“We are creating a company where our employees and clients can have a balance between life and work,” added Abdala. “As an automation technology company, our priority is to provide an online service that automates what should be automated regarding user-communication, so that people (our employees, clients, and our client’s users) can enjoy life more.”