Megaventory announces major usability redesign, inclusion in Deutsche Telekom’s subsidiary B2B marketplace

By Editor December 2, 2015

Businesses can now reorder low stock items in less than 2 minutes and access directly their suppliers’ inventory.

December 2, 2015: Megaventory Inc, provider of the leading SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) inventory management, order control and business reporting solutions has just released a major redesign of the user interface of its flagship inventory management application. The new design builds upon extensive feedback received from real-life scenarios of Megaventory clients and delivers exceptional speed improvements.

The design has been optimized to deliver better operations management of sales, purchases and manufacturing allowing tiresome and repetitive work to be performed faster and hassle-free. It now takes only a few clicks and a minute or two for a shop owner to identify the items which are low in stock and send a new order to the respective supplier. If the supplier in question is connected to Megaventory, the shop owner can immediately see whether that supplier has the stock necessary for the order – a feature few inventory management solutions can boast. is also now a fully responsive application enabling a seamless user experience. As such, employees may be adding a sales order from their office, doing inventory taking from their tablet in the warehouse and managers may work on business reports from their home while the information is all synced in real-time.

“The new interface has been designed to minimize the number of clicks and mouse travel for every single action allowing for rapid execution of everyday tasks. Megaventory combines this with near-instant load times and a modern, clean look which is easy to the eye and concise”, said Megaventory CEO, Kostis Mamassis. The overall effect is an increase in productivity for companies which require inventory control and order management for their physical products.

In addition to this, Megaventory is announcing the inclusion of in the B2B cloud marketplace of COSMOTE, the major telecommunications vendor in Southestern Europe. The European telco giant Deutsche Telekom which is the parent company of COSMOTE is expected to adopt the solution within 2016 – this will open an additional 80-million lucrative market for Megaventory.
“We now have clients in over 40 countries and our network of partners is growing fast. We are very proud to be building our product to be the leading solution”, said Kostis Mamassis. “Our aim is to improve upon the high levels of usability by adding functionality to the application using 3rd party integrations with accounting, EDI and other such software. Our vision is to create that way an even more complete and efficient solution for our clients”.

Megaventory is offered in various packages starting at $9.90 per month, and can support businesses of all sizes, from home-run ecommerce to multi-location franchise chains with tens of thousands of product codes. A free trial is available.

About Megaventory
Megaventory is the leading inventory tracking, order management and business reporting SaaS (Software as a Service) application aimed at small and medium businesses. Since its incorporation in 2010, the team behind it has bootstrapped it and established it globally. It has been recognized as one of the most user-friendly and cost-effective SaaS ERP application combining the right amount of features while also boasting a simple and usable interface. Megaventory has also created custom, robust and direct integrations with Magento, the most popular ecommerce platform, Lokad, the one-click demand forecasting service and Zapier, the app connecting service. Integration with Quickbooks Online is also due to be announced soon.