Moore’s Law and mobile innovation

By Editor August 13, 2010

Perhaps the most dynamic area of innovation and opportunity in tech is the mobile sector—especially content and applications for the powerful smartphones that are coming to dominate the landscape.  The question now, especially for mobile content startups, is whether or not mobile networks will be able to scale fast enough to meet the potential demands of the coming mobile content explosion.  Taking an interesting approach to the problem in an article today in Venture Beat, Jeffrey Glueck, CEO of mobile browser startup Skyfire, ties mobile capacity to Moore’s Law and asks whether or not the industry will be able to keep up with what will no doubt be a flood of innovative mobile technologies in the coming years (Moore’s Law hits a wall: Trouble for mobile growth?).  His points about mobile network capacity are not only valid, they are already reality to some degree—to which, anecdotally, most smartphone users can attest.