My Utilities: the most accurate and up-to-date utility service when moving to a new town

By Sam Brake Guia July 20, 2017

My Utilities is a much needed service that helps users change utilities providers when moving house by allowing price comparisons of local utilities, giving the customer clear options instead of settling for the standard previous suppliers.   

Why we like it:

My Utilities’ main aim is to give help inform customers regarding new utility options and while simplifying the moving process. Customers can sign up to My Utilities and search the address of their new home. The customer is then presented with the best available utility providers in the area. My Utilities covers everything from water to broadband, and gives customers a comparable view of each provider’s price. This process helps save customers from the burdensome task of sorting through each provider manually while presenting them with an informative layout.

How it’s different:

My Utilities is the only service which allows you to compare utilities and purchase these utilities 100% online. My Utilities is also the most accurate and up-to-date service available, featuring information on all utilities locally and nationally. While many other companies may appear to offer similar service, their main purpose is usually to draw users in instead of providing a complete service.

Founder’s story:


John Harlan, President of My Utilities

John Harlan, a graduate of Baylor University is the President of My Utilities. He notably has experience working in the world of Startups as he is also the Co-Founder of CrateBind, a software consulting and investment company. The Texas based Entrepreneur understands the process of moving house is never easy, and he knows that sourcing out utility providers can be a painful task.

“There are over 90 different telecommunication companies in the US,” explains CEO Harlan. “Just finding out which ones cover your new home can be painstaking and, because you have a million other things to think about when you move, people usually just go with what they can find at the time. You wouldn’t buy a car that way, so you shouldn’t buy your telecommunications or electricity provider like this.”

Market opportunity:

Each year roughly 40 million Americans move home. Even through periods of instability such as the financial crisis of 2008, people still make the decision to move house for one reason or another. As a result, the industry as a whole represents a $1 billion opportunity for My Utilities. 

“Whether the economy is up or down, people move,” Harlan states. “Water, gas, electricity and other utilities are necessities and movers will always need them. At My Utilities we are helping people with this process whenever they want to move.”


My Utilities recently announced a new partnership with UMoveFree, the US’s biggest online apartment locating service. This will help to streamline the process of finding an apartment and service providers through one source. The partnership will help movers to quickly view, compare and connect themselves to home utilities including home security, electricity, gas, water, cable TV and high speed internet.