myautoIQ Launches conquestIQ for Car Dealers to Identify & Engage Net-new Buyers in their Target Neighborhoods

By Sam Brake Guia February 11, 2020

myautoIQ, a SaaS company providing AI and big-data-driven solutions for the automotive industry, announces the launch of conquestIQ. conquestIQ helps car dealers find potential customers in their target area and reach them with highly personalized messages and unique offers, thus enabling car dealers to be in control of their marketing efforts and measure their ROI. 

The auto dealer market today remains reliant on the buyers finding the dealers. conquestIQ changes this equation by enabling auto-dealers to find buyers in different stages of the car buying journey and engage these buyers with personalized messages and unique offers. Instead of waiting for the  buyer to reach out, conquestIQ gives car dealers the tools they need to be proactive with their customer acquisition and engagement. 

“We are offering true “conquest”  capability to the car dealers that enable them to reach out to the right buyer at the right time with the right message,” says Vikrant Pathak, the CEO of myautoIQ. “With today’s marketing and customer acquisition tools, car dealers’ first point of contact for the majority of their buyers is when the buyers walk into the showroom. conquestIQ advocates for a shift from traditional forms of marketing in the car industry to a personalized approach, thereby enabling our customers to connect with high-quality prospects they would otherwise be unaware of.”

conquestIQ uses machine and deep learning technologies to scan millions of data points, both nationally and locally, for buying patterns and preferences and builds behavior prediction models. Dealers use a simple guided interface to start their micro-targeted campaigns. Next, the prediction engine identifies, categorizes, and classifies potential buyers from thousands of prospects in the target area.

The prediction engine then identifies a list of the most likely potential buyers for the make and model or the type of car that the dealer wants to sell. This list is further refined by buyers who are actively shopping for a car. Once the list of high potential buyers is identified, myautoIQ matches the top three cars in the dealer’s inventory for each buyer and sends personalized offers by email, post, or both, based on the buyer’s auto preferences.

“Our first of its kind real-time AI-platform and the proprietary big-data universe brings in external data to auto dealer world and goes beyond the traditional equity mining solutions,” says Rohit Sharma, the CTO of myautoIQ. “Our customers like the simplicity of creating micro-targeted campaigns, the ability to target customers in specific zip codes, deliver messages through multiple channels and the ability to get engagement recommendations for every auto-customer.”

myautoIQ will demo conquestIQ at NADA 2020. Stop by booth #1328C for a demo or make an appointment by visiting

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