ClosetBarcode.com offers consumers a fresh and fun shopping experience.

Independently-owned online clothing retailer ClosetBarcode.com has launched its website and is open for business! The company is proud to offer female shoppers fashion-forward and stylish clothing at affordable prices.

Owned and operated by Michigan-based entrepreneur, Todd Heyboer, ClosetBarcode.com is one of the first shopping websites to offer a series of unique features which include: 1) items made by small and independent fashion designers not easily found in other stores; 2) hand measuring each item to match ClosetBarcode.com’s custom size guide; and 3) independently testing each piece for maximum quality and performance. ClosetBarcode.com also offers free shipping and easy return shipping on all items (including those on sale), and top-notch customer service.

“Closet Barcode is all about introducing small and independent designers to online female shoppers,” says Todd. “Our collection of tops and handbags are curated from dozens of different designers. We look for designs that have unique details that set them apart from other mass-produced clothing and handbag brands.”

Closet Barcode features some of today’s newest emerging fashion labels, including:
· Orange Creek
· Hem and Thread
· 12PM by Monavie
· Entro
· Trendology

Tops range from $20.00 to $40.00 and handbags range from $20.00 to $60.00.

Based in Michigan, Closet Barcode is a fast-growing online destination that offers the best products from emerging, independent fashion designers at affordable prices to stylish young women. For the latest fashions, sales, company promotions, and to stay up-to-date, please visit ClosetBarcode.com. Like us on Facebook.com. Follow us on Twitter.com and Instagram.com.