NoBurden unveils new service for action camera video editing

By Editor June 20, 2016

HOBOKEN, New JerseyNoBurden, LLC launches a new solution to service the growing action camera community. NoBurden offers a convenient and affordable video editing service for extreme sports enthusiasts and weekend warriors.

The services offered by NoBurden arose out of necessity. Robert Kennedy, founder and CEO, is a skydiver, BASE jumper and action camera enthusiast. After buying his GoPro and recording jumps, he encountered a problem that faces many GoPro users: turning raw footage into a high-quality shareable video.

“I found ‘do-it-yourself’ editing software to be time consuming; with results that were less than satisfactory. Editing is an art form that takes a great deal of time to master, and in our busy world, most people simply don’t have the bandwidth,” states Robert.

He tried to procure a freelance video editor to turn his raw footage into a noteworthy video. He quickly discovered that the process of finding a quality editor was also time consuming and expensive, with qualified video editors charging upwards of several hundred dollars for one video.

“I would post ads on freelance websites, and after several days and many responses, only two or three freelancers had the required experience to edit a great video. And once again, their costs were extremely high. That’s when I realized the overwhelming need for the action camera community,” adds Robert.

Out of necessity, the idea for NoBurden was born: a simple, affordable service for turning raw footage into compelling video.

Robert Kennedy assembled a team of video editors and technical advisors to create NoBurden. Now, any action camera enthusiast has a simple solution for sharing their story.

With the website foundation built, the only outlying challenge the action camera community was facing dealt with music, and the legality behind posting videos to social media that used unlicensed music. To solve this issue, the NoBurden team struck a partnership with one of the top music licensing companies in the industry, who provided a robust, modern library of music for customers.

Customers of NoBurden can share their raw footage from any cloud service, select from legally licensed music, provide any special requests, and NoBurden takes it from there.

NoBurden serves the growing market of action camera enthusiasts by creating outstanding, ready-to-share videos. NoBurden also aims to sponsor up-and-coming YouTube sensations, and team up with action camera companies themselves to serve this market.

About NoBurden: NoBurden is a startup based out of Hoboken, NJ and comprises a dream team of technical and marketing experts.