Onestopmobile redefines how you trade mobile phones

By Editor July 27, 2015

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Have you ever thought of buying a used mobile phone but worry it could be faulty or even stolen? Fret no longer, Onestopmobile ensures stolen and faulty phones will be a thing of the past. Onestopmobile is the first and only dedicated marketplace to trade mobile phones in Singapore. The portal was developed and designed to allow users to buy and sell mobile phones with greater security, transparency and convenience.

Consumers who have had previously held back purchasing used mobile phones for fear of them being faulty or reported stolen can now heave a sigh of relief as the International Mobile Station Equipment Identity (IMEI) number of all mobile phones listed on Onestopmobile are verified against the Stolen and Lost Property Index from the Singapore Police Force before they will be allowed to be listed.

Moreover, all mobile phones listed on Onestopmobile have to meet a stringent set of criteria such as being fully functional. As a buyer pays a nominal sales fee to unlock the IMEI number of the seller’s phone and contact details of the seller, he is able to reject the product and be refunded the sales fee paid should the device not meet the criteria set and/or what is stated in the listing.

Onestopmobile is targeted at individuals who are looking for a hassle-free and efficient experience when they purchase or sell their mobile phones. For example, a comprehensive list of details of a particular mobile phone is made available to consumers, saving them a huge amount of time enquiring from the sellers.

This portal also serves as an avenue for mobile phone dealers to list and market their devices. Buyers can look forward to having a consolidated place to compare prices of new and used mobile phones which are shown clearly beside the listings. Likewise, sellers are able to receive offers from multiple interested parties.

“Presently, consumers who intend to buy or sell their mobile phones head to generic online classifieds, forums or marketplaces which tend to be cluttered and disorganized,” noted Shaun Yap, founder of Onestopmobile. “It is troublesome to negotiate the price, specifications, condition of the phone etc. This is especially true for sellers who have to negotiate with buyers who may decide not to purchase at the end of the day. Most importantly, consumers could be purchasing mobile phones which have been reported stolen or lost.”

Annual sales of mobile phones in Singapore have been on an upward trend, contributed largely by new phone models being introduced frequently into the market. With Singapore’s mobile phone penetration rate at an all-time high of 156% in 2013 coupled with a thriving second hand market for electronic goods, Shaun believes that more people will use Onestopmobile to sell their mobile phones as those devices that have considerable market value will be able to fetch a higher price compared to trading in at mobile phone operators. In fact, consumers can benefit from substantial savings when they purchase phones that have been used for only a short period only.

Joseph Goh, a satisfied user of Onestopmobile, remarked, “It has always been a hassle trying to purchase phones online with all the handling and negotiating with no end in sight how long it will take.”

“Moreover, there was once that the phone I had purchased was a stolen one. Onestopmobile has made purchasing a second hand phone reliable and simple. Thank you Onestopmobile!” added Joseph.

“Onestopmobile aims to be the marketplace of choice for individuals and businesses to purchase mobile phones easily and with a peace of mind,” said Shaun Yap. He also hopes that mobile phone dealers will actively list their devices for sale on Onestopmobile as he is confident that this will bring about faster and increased turnover for their inventory.

Onestopmobile is currently holding a special launch promotion whereby the sales fee is waived for buyers.

About Onestopmobile: Onestopmobile is a dedicated mobile phone portal which facilitates the trading of mobile phones between buyers and sellers. It was launched in February 2015 by Shaun, founder and mobile phone enthusiast. The main objectives of Onestopmobile are to allow consumers to trade mobile phones with greater security, transparency and convenience. We take pride in ensuring our customers experience the greatest satisfaction when using our services. You can find us at