Open-source integration challenges Apple and Google monopolies in the auto app industry

By Omar Elorfaly September 12, 2017
mobile car ingetration

The world’s most advanced GPS app’s already boast impressive capabilities like route previews in VR, trip planning, live traffic reports, among others. But most recently, Sygic now allows users to beam their planned routes from their mobile phones to their cars, and wants to share the new capabilities.

Further developing Sygic’s already-launched SDK mobility kit, the company continues to show comrades mobile auto integrationin the auto app industry love by extending its mobile-car connectivity engine as an open source platform, adoptable by other apps, giving them space on consumer cars’ digital dashboards.

“I am more than happy to share the important pieces from our kitchen with other developers and research teams,” Martin Strigac, Vice President of Enterprise Solutions at Sygic has said, and he proves it once more during the MWC announcement.

The app allows planned routes to be beamed from mobile devices to car navigation systems seamlessly, but Sygic doesn’t want to stop there.

The real power lies in integrating the platform with other apps, which offer a wider array of functionality. For example, integrating ParkWhiz into the platform can enable drivers to easily find parking spots and display them in the vehicle’s GPS dashboard.

Expanding on road safety, apps like Co-Pilot could be integrated into Sygic’s platform, providing truckers with the best truck-legal routes while eliminating the need to check their mobile devices.

“The problem with Google and Apple is that they act as monopolies. They give access only to their applications and don’t allow others to be used in the car.” said Michael Štencl, founder and head of Sygic during a partnership announcement with Ford.

During the company’s announcement at MWC, the concept was explained to increase flexibility to mobile and automotive app developers who can choose different map content providers, use online, offline or hybrid maps & navigation, get real time information about traffic and parking or even truck specific routing in their apps.

mobile auto integration“We want to share our extensive experience and know-how in innovating GPS solutions with other developers to create new and exciting products”, said Pavol Magic, Head of Business Development at Sygic, adding “It is important for us, not only that we develop as a company, but also that the industry continues to develop as a whole; for that reason we want to share our knowledge with the brightest minds in the industry.”

Sygic Mobility Development Kit is available in modular architecture including Maps, Search, Guidance, Routing & Optimization APIs to support any use case that the future of mobility will bring.