RiftCat – Newest VR platform on the market

By Editor August 5, 2015


IdeaLab Venture Capital has invested in RiftCat – a website and desktop application designed to help its users manage and find VR (virtual reality) games. RiftCat library contains almost one hundred games already and it’s userbase is growing rapidly.

Unique features of RiftCat makes browsing through virtual reality games a very comfortable process. With few mouseclicks you can play any game available on the platform and get back to it whenever you feel like it. It is even more convenient with virtual reality mode which allows users to handle the platform without using the mouse or keyboard – virtual reality helmet is all that is needed. Also, RiftCat offers their users a set of tools to publish their virtual reality creations inside the platform so they can be easily shared for potential users.

RiftCat has overtaken the biggest virtual reality players by bringing their service to the market before competition even announced their solutions.


HMD – Head Mounted Displays (Virtual reality helmets) are seemingly simple devices that can be put on your head. Thanks to their high resolution displays they can generate 3d visuals that appear as realistic as possible. In result, you are being put inside virtual reality which mimics the real worlds (or fictional ones).

“We’ve been working on RiftCat for 2 years, improving it throughout this time. Number of registered users is increasing each day and it exceeds our expectations.Virtual reality games creators have great opinions about our service – it is a great place to distribute their applications. Following the developers, many users joined our platform to see what RiftCat has to offer,” says Marek Antoniuk, CEO of RiftCat and co-founder.

“After few months of cooperation, we are getting ready for a roadshow throughout United States to promote the project. In the near future RiftCat can become a success as other startups of that kind. A breakthrough moment for RiftCat will be the first quarter of 2016 when the premiere of Oculus Rift headset will take place,” says Piotr Zakrzewski, Investment Director in IdeaLab Venture Capital.

Virtual reality market is in early but dynamic phase of development. K-Zero agency reports predict that in 2018 the market will be worth 2.5 billions USD.

In March 2014, Facebook acquired Kickstarter project called Oculus Rift for 2 billion USD. Few months after the acquisition, Samsung revealed that they work on their own Head Mounted Display. Shortly after, many other big companies joined the race for virtual reality.

RiftCat Website: https://riftcat.com/about