Silvon introduces bacteria repelling pillowcase with Kickstarter campaign

By Editor May 17, 2016

Save Face in your Dreams Using Silvon’s Silver-Infused Pillowcase

NEW YORK (May 17, 2016)Silvon, the startup that battles bacteria in its sleep, announced today the launch of its inaugural Kickstarter campaign. The company is crowdfunding with the goal of reaching $20,000 to manufacture its groundbreaking pillowcases.

Silvon, founded in 2014 by entrepreneurs and best friends Nicholas Paglia and Alex Szpakowski, provides a fresh surface to sleep on each and every night. While the bacteria on an average pillowcase, which studies have shown is comparable to that of a toilet seat, continues to accumulate over time, Silvon shows a 99% reduction in pathogens within the first hour, a rate which withstands the lifetime of the product. Similar products use harsh chemicals treatments to inhibit the growth of bacteria, but Silvon uses basic high school chemistry: silver, which carries a positive charge, attracts bacteria, which carries a negative charge, breaking its cell wall and destroying it before the bacteria has a chance to reproduce. The Company’s proprietary process completely covers advanced fibers with pure silver and pairs them with long-staple Supima cotton, allowing for an extremely soft, flexible and permanently sanitary place to rest one’s head.

Normally, a dermatologist would recommend changing or washing your pillowcase every two days, but with Silvon, the time between washes extends to ten days.

“Let’s face it. Skincare has gotten complicated. We keep it simple – just slide your pillow in, and sleep clean.” says Szpakowski. “Dermatologists recommend washing your pillowcase up to three times each week. But who has time for that? We sure don’t, and we don’t know anyone who does.”

“The average pillowcase is crawling with bacteria, and we’re here to change that,” added Paglia. “We’ve both struggled with skin issues and know how difficult it can be testing different products until something works. Reaching our Kickstarter goal would mean bringing a product to market that makes skincare that much easier.”

Silvon’s Kickstarter, live for the next 30 days, offers competitive incentives for backers to help the duo reach their goal, the least committal of which offers a Silvon pillowcase to the first round of donors that put forward $35. Larger donations yield more generous rewards, but unlike some Kickstarters that offer rewards as insignificant as naming a goat, even the smallest donations will receive the authentic product.

Start sleeping your way to better skin by visiting the Silvon Kickstarter page and donating now.

About Silvon: Silvon is a bacteria repelling pillowcase. While we sleep, the oil, bacteria, and skin debris from our faces, hair, and even hands, accumulates on our pillowcases which subsequently clogs pores and causes breakouts. Using proprietary technologywhich pairs pure silver with soft Supima cotton, theSilvon pillowcase helps to inhibit the growth of this acne-causing bacteria. Normally, a dermatologist would recommend changing or washing your pillowcase every two days, but with Silvon, the time between washes extends to ten days. For more information, visit Silvon and start sleeping your way to better skin today.