A list of startups for when you’re stuck and need some help on the road

By Oliver Griffin September 21, 2016

Apps and technology are more than just music, videos and social media, dontcha know?

As well as preventing FOMO (fear of missing out), apps and startups are also looking to save our lives, or help us out of tight or tricky situations. Below are just a few suggestions about for new tech companies that might just be able to help you in your time of need:

Alert app

The Alert app by HelpAround is an example of the latest panic button technology that caters to baby boomers with previous health issues. Recently, the HelpAround has also worked on providing patients with diabetes with a means to alert a network of people that their blood sugar is low, or that they are in danger. The Alert app from HelpAround also speeds user access to care with an alert system that tells their loved ones exactly where they are at times of distress. This is hugely important because, as has been proven before, quicker access to care leads to better recoveries and reduced length of hospital stays, too.

Find it here: HelpAround

StartUp Beat news

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ResQBattery is designed for travelers and smartphone users on-the-go. The accessory is a fast solution to jump-start a dead battery in an emergency situation. The patent-pending thumb-sized charger automatically switches the device back on while charging, helping smartphone owners with dead batteries in situations such as electricity cuts, camping trips or even just caught short on the road. One packet with two disposable chargers is priced at $11.99. It is available on leading online retailers; Amazon, eBags, Zulily, eBay and Shopcade. It can also be purchased in Israel at Lametayel and Rikushet, the country’s largest camping and travel stores. Of course, for those hoping to be more prepared, THINO, by Viglo, is an on-the-go charger – and preventative measure – that ensures the availability of reliable phone charge throughout the day.

Find it here: ResQBattery



More of a day saver than a life saver, GoHero.ai is a personal travel assistant that users can communicate with via various messaging apps. The service is currently working on integrations with a number of messaging apps including, Skype, Facebook Chat, SMS, Slack, Kik and many more that many people already use on a daily basis. Now, users can take advantage of their favorite messaging app to call Uber taxis, organize traveling activities – even book flights. GoHero.ai provides a single smart platform for a traveler’s end to end travel needs anywhere in the world. The app is supported by Travel Startups Incubator (TSI), a leading global investor in travel technology that has a portfolio of 15 startups and hopes to increase this number to 100 startups over the next three years.

Find it here: GoHero.ai