SumoBoy – Arduino-based robotics kit for sport and education. SumoBoy is on Kickstarter now!

By Editor February 23, 2016

A new robotics startup is attempting to try their luck at Kickstarter campaign to fund mass production of their educational robotics kit- SumoBoy!

We are aiming to Kickstart hundreds of new sumo-robot communities all around the world! Push the competition to the next level by introducing new crowds to the scene of robotics. And send a message to the youth that programming and electronic engineering can be fun and exciting path to choose!

We need your help to spread the word about SumoBoy on your social media using the #SumoBoy! You can support our efforts by backing our project on Kickstarter or simply by sharing it to people that might be interested in what we do. You can find our campaign here:

SumoBoy is the world’s first mini sumo robotics kit that consists of two parts: a programmable fight robot and a prototyping board! The great thing about Sumoboy is that it is not only a cool fight robot, but also an educational tool that can be used to learn basics of programming and electronics.

The kit consists of two parts- a programmable fight robot which uses an Arduino microcontroller that must be programmed in order to successfully execute tasks and commands. It also teaches C++ programming, and its core purpose is to engage in sumo-robot tournaments. As well as a prototyping board, it’s a mounting plate with loads of components and the main emphasis on educational process. All parts can be assembled and programmed in hundreds of various combinations, allowing learning coding and instantly testing chosen strategy.

SumoBoy was created by a team of robotics enthusiasts who are building robots and engaging in tournaments for more than 10 years. Our team has won all the major worldwide competitions and SumoBoy serves as a next big step in our dedication to make robot sumo competitions more popular and the robots – more available and affordable. We all are educated and qualified engineers, with many years of experience in electronics and robot technology.

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