Syslink Xandria Certified as ServiceNow Technology Partner to Offer a Faster and More Consistent SAP Service

By Sam Brake Guia May 31, 2019

Syslink Xandria, a global provider of SAP and cloud management, monitoring and automation solutions, announces today its certification into the ServiceNowTechnology Partner Program. Through the agreement, SAP-centric enterprises can gain access to an integrated solution to improve performance issue detection and incident management.

Syslink Xandria is a powerful yet simple-to-use-and-install SAP and cloud management solution. The solution provides companies with automated best practices for SAP landscape management, helping to prevent failures and saving time and resources. A strong player in the cloud computing industry, ServiceNow focuses on transforming digital workflows by automating business processes to help companies boost their productivity. ServiceNow was selected as the World’s Most Innovative Company by Forbes in 2018.

The new partnership between Syslink Xandria and ServiceNow is designed to allow SAP-centric businesses to benefit from early detection of SAP performance issues as Syslink Xandria automatically creates incidents in ServiceNow, based on in-depth monitoring results. Not only does it expedite and simplify issue identification, but it also standardizes the notification and escalation process. Further, the synchronization of the Now Platform with Syslink Xandria allows for easier management of IT landscape configuration.

As businesses grow, they require higher agility from their IT team and their productivity relies on a high-performing SAP system. According to Forrester Research, 42% of businesses’ top priority is to improve operational efficiency, making optimum SAP management essential.

“Syslink Xandria becoming a ServiceNow Technology Partner holds a lot of promise for enterprises and Managed Service Providers, as it allows them to automate their SAP management, increase SAP performance transparency, and provide teams with better and smarter operational insights,” said Simon Wilson, COO at Syslink Xandria.

In addition, Syslink Xandria’s status as a ServiceNow Technology Partner promises to be important for companies that are looking to migrate to the cloud and S/4HANA — a process that can further complicate the operational and functional aspects of SAP systems management. The solution’s integration allows DevOps and support teams to work closely to resolve issues, identify root causes, and maintain operational transparency. This ultimately enables these teams to focus on the issues that have the most business impact.

Disclosure: This article includes a client of an Espacio portfolio company