Take a shortcut to being the boss: #StartupNation

By Editor January 8, 2016

‘Take a shortcut to being the boss: #StartupNation
Indigo Nation launches its brand new campaign in the midst of End of Season Sale

Bangalore: Indigo Nation from the house of Indus League, a division of Future Lifestyle Fashion Ltd announces its one of a kind campaign aiming towards cultivating a culture of start-up way of life for today’s youngsters, i.e. ‘Take a shortcut to being the Boss’ #‘Startupnation.

When most brands are advertising their end of season sale offers, Indigo Nation chooses to launch this campaign exclusively in the digital media aiming to redefine the monotonous and sedentary way of work life into a global yet local revolutionary cult. Part of the reasons being it’s a boom time for start-ups and there is a lot of exuberance and positive thoughts or energy around the whole culture and a fairly lighter side to them. The #StartupNation is heralding a millennial culture that offers out-of-the-box activities & thinking to employees still in their 20s— with a larger goal of attaining a coveted preferred employer status in the crowded and highly stressful start-ups ecosystem.

Indigo Nation via this campaign establishes a powerful connect with Indian youth in ways that define the youth’s fashion and lifestyle statement. As a new age fashion brand, Indigo Nation’s mantra is ‘subject to change’ that best reflects in how today’s generation is believing in the ever-evolving, dynamic and fast paced start-up culture – and how they are becoming constant agents of change in not just the way they work, but also in the way they dress and present themselves.

Indigo Nation is known for its edginess, raw, wild, cool, carefree attitude that in many ways is intricately linked with today’s always-on, be-your-own boss and dynamic kind of youth that believes in constant change. They are not ready to compromise with their freedom and ideas- and are constantly looking to be incrementally better and faster while embracing the fun side of their work-life conduct. The #StartupNation’ campaign echoes the voices of so many entrepreneurs, founders and employees’ lighter, playful, fun and cooler aspects of how it feels like to be their own boss while also revving up their fashionable look.

Commenting on the campaign initiative, Shibani Mishra, Chief Marketing Officer, Indus League, says, “If there is one word that connects today’s youth and strikes a chord with them then it’s “change”. For Gen Y, morals, dress codes, hangouts, girlfriends, beliefs, aspirations are all temporary and short-lived. Be it “Changeism”, “Subject to change” or #StartupNation, all campaigns of Indigo Nation has always been very closely connected and engaged with its target audience – the young Indian dude. It talks to them in a language, mood and tonality that best resonates with the new generation youth. #StartupNation campaign also showcases the cool attitude, and edgy fashion outlook of the start-up guys through its mix of street wear, casual wear, club wear and work-wear.

About Indigo Nation:
Indigo Nation from the house of Indus League, a division of Future Lifestyle Fashion Ltd serves the country’s youth, who believe in engineering change to steal the show, whether in office or on the dance floor. The brand that’s young, edgy and unconventional – and is for the Rockstar of Gen Y. He is young, smart and cool. Wears his attitude up his sleeve and knows his fashion well. If there is one word, one mantra that defined youth today, it’s change. For Gen Y, morals, dress codes, heroes, hangouts, girlfriends, beliefs, aspirations and definitions are all temporary and short-lived. Indigo Nation has delivered fast fashion to the young Indian dude who forever aspires to be IN. For details logon to www.indigonation.com