Tallwave opens Portland office to service Pacific Northwest hub of innovation

By Editor May 12, 2015

Arizona-based venture development firm expands U.S. presence to help innovators build their products and take them to market

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., May 12, 2015 – As the number of technology-based enterprises and venture capital activity continues to spike in the northwestern United States, Arizona-based venture development firm Tallwave today announced that it has expanded its presence to include an office in Portland, Oregon. Entrepreneurs and companies of all growth stages throughout the region looking to build, launch and scale their innovations now have easier access to Tallwave’s products and services. The Tallwave Portland office is being managed by five-time successful serial entrepreneur Sean McMahon.

“Our approach is a combination of lean startup, design thinking, operational systems and networks,” said McMahon. “The timing is perfect for Tallwave to bring its unique hands-on offerings to the region and continue to do what it does best – help turn great ideas into great companies.”

McMahon serves as the general manager of Tallwave’s Portland office, a role that allows him to identify and cultivate broad growth opportunities for both Tallwave and its portfolio companies including full-service digital marketing agency Ethology. McMahon is continuing his role as an advisor for Ethology, which also has a Portland location. Prior to joining Tallwave, McMahon founded EngineWorks, Inc., an advanced digital marketing company, with two partners in Portland, Oregon. EngineWorks was acquired by Ethology in 2011.

“We started Tallwave with a vision to expand into additional markets with thriving startup ecosystems and I’m proud to see the goal come to fruition,” said Jeffrey Pruitt, CEO of Tallwave. “Our first portfolio company, Ethology, established a strong foothold in the Portland market early on and grew quickly, which compelled us to take the next logical step and open a Tallwave office to broaden our services in the region.”

Tallwave’s product offerings include a series of proprietary “sprints” including Sandcastle for rapid prototyping and user validation, Springboard for sales systemization, and Storyteller for defining and articulating a company’s position and brand. Through participation in these three accelerated programs, innovative companies are able to directly align their vision and offerings with target markets and engaged audiences, and ultimately become more attractive to customers, industry partners, and investors.

About Tallwave:

Tallwave helps startups and growth companies build, launch and scale with a unique combination of hands-on services, operational systems, networks and strategic capital. This approach helps innovators build products users love, drive adoption and structure their company for growth. Tallwave also hosts High Tide™; an innovative startup program. Tallwave is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. Additional information about Tallwave is available at www.tallwave.com.