The Lightning Pitch: Reason, for bonding with your workforce

By Tim Hinchliffe April 4, 2017

Company: Reason

Headquarters: San Francisco

Founding Team: Crina Oana Bordas, Mike Chen and Jeff Chen

Why we like it: Because trapping your team members together in a closed room sounds fun… especially as the powerful CEO. That is until your team members drag you in with them.  

Team work can really make or break a business. If the team meshes well and collectively believes in their work, so does the service and product. But you also want to be having fun. All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy. So do something fun innovative with the team.

Reason embeds game mechanics and advanced technology to create innovative team-bonding activities. We’re not talking about simple online games, chats or puzzles. We’re already in the second decade of the 21st century. It’s time to bring about full blown rooms packed with interactive puzzles, virtual reality engagement, robotic confrontations.

They have over 50,000 startups in their network with AI, Robotics, IOT, Drones, HCI and VR. Yep they’ve got the tech gear in line. Bringing your business team to Reason, not only forces participation with up and coming tech but with each other. Surely not everyone can be a whizz at all these gadgets.

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Reason has an activity they’ve called the Escape Room. This is a real life adventure in which players are trapped inside a room, with nothing but what they are given to figure out a way to escape.

Let’s give you visuals. Imagine a giant reactor. Something like a closed cylindrical room, gadgets lining the walls, blue lights illuminating your vision and screens talking tech to you. But something’s gone wrong. What are you suppose to do? The only help you can find is from your teammates and the top-notch tech scattered around the room. Within two hours you need to discover the clues, make observations and recognise patterns to shutdown the reactor in time and escape before the whole thing explodes.

If time pressure, innovative gadgets, forced communication and hand ons work doesn’t get the blood pumping and the conversations flowing, then well, maybe more than just the reactor is going to explode.


Jacinta Spies