The Lightning Pitch: Recreate Memory, helping create memories where photos don’t exist

By Tim Hinchliffe April 11, 2017

Company: Recreate Memory

Headquarters: Provo, Utah

Founding Team: Art and artist enthusiast, Jared Workman

Why we like it: With snapchat as a popular hit for smartphone users, selfie sticks a common travel item and front facing cameras frequently used on mobile devices, it is clear we live in a photo-loving society. No, we’re not talking about anything narcissistic. We’re talking about maintaining physical memories -images we can refer to later down the track when the time that we rode our bike for the first day begins to blur.  

But two decades ago, snapchat didn’t exist, selfie sticks weren’t popular and many people didn’t think of using their phone to take a selfie. So then what?

Recreate memories is an online service offering you the chance to make up for any memory blurring around the edge. You can recreate a memory that you’ve always held dear to you, but at that particular moment your thoughts weren’t on taking a photo.

Honestly, this is easier than it sounds. All you have to do is know the memory you want to create and put a rough time period on it. Select photos from this time period in your life containing the people you wish to include in this memory and along with an explanation of your memory, submit them to Recreate memories. The artists with Recreate will create a draft image of this moment and send it back for your approval. When you’re happy, they’ll whisk up the final result and you will have the image in your hands.

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So unless you’re a superb artist yourself, it would only be for recreate memories that you could have a copy of this physical image.

It can be difficult thinking up the perfect gift for a loved one. At the end of the day they’re most likely content with your company. However, with Recreate you can give then a physical memory of a significant or happy moment you have both share in the past. Technically your gifting them your company in physical form. Not only can they relive this moment but they also receive a valuable gift. Yes, this is starting to sound pretty cheesy, but at the end of the day who doesn’t like a bit of cheese every now and then.


Jacinta Spies