The Lightning Pitch: SaleMove, in-person customer experiences online

By Tim Hinchliffe June 2, 2017

Company: SaleMove

Headquarters: New York, NY

Founding Team: Three good friends, Daniel Michaeli, Justin DiPietro and Carlos Paniagua.

Why we like it: Because as a customer, you want good service, polite interaction, a human touch, fast response, the appropriate answers, and a worry-free experience. We’re human. There’s no denying, we’re fussy creatures.

On the flip side it comes down to the business to provide this graceful interaction to show-off their services and keep the customer happy. Behind a computer screen this can be hard, yet it’s not impossible.

SaleMove is an engagement platform that can help optimize the customer service of a business. Whether they are operating in eBusiness, Technology, Innovation or Consumer Experience, SaleMove provides the right techniques to generate greater Return On Investment.

Today as soon as a user enters a website they are greeted with a small pop up box in the corner to send a message hello. If the user is truly interested in the service they may follow through. If the user is just browsing through the internet they might completely ignore it.

SaleMove can show a user how to really engage their views. According to their statistics, the addition of video on a website demonstrates a 56% ROI in comparison to the simple option of chat. Take this a step further and provide users the option to choose between video, audio, chat and cobrowsing methods of communication and ROI increases 138%.

Instead of what most sites are boasting, when a user enters a websites with a real need for the service, a small box will pop up in the corner with a face and options for communication. For those more comfortable with online texting, it’s still an option, my a video conversation might just sell the user.

If you’re having a hard time visualizing all of this, it’s all available on SaleMove. In fact, you can even video chat with them about it, or for the shy, make an audio call.