The ‘Who’s Who’ of Event Planning Join Forces to Hold The Ultimate Partyslate LA Launch Party

By Luke Taylor July 6, 2017

On June 14th, PartySlate held a glamorous Hollywood party to host over 400 Los Angeles VIP event professionals, celebrity planners and event industry insiders. To celebrate the company’s expansion into LA, every detail was carefully picked by the best event planners in the industry.

From the coffee to the ‘silent band’, the event was a showcase for what is possible when the best minds in event planning are brought together.

PartySlate is a gallery and marketplace for unique events. Its website is full of beautiful photos to help inspire individuals that are looking to host an event. The platform also links its photos to the profiles of leading event planners so that they can be easily replicated or modified, according to your taste.

If you have ever seen a beautiful wedding in a movie or TV series and thought, ‘hey, that’s what exactly what I want!’ – but had no idea of how to put on such an event – this is essentially what the Chicago startup was made for.

Featured events include Mexican beach weddings and industrial chic LA parties (such as the launch party). Scroll down beneath the event photos and you can contact all the necessary event-professionals involved in the events process, including the venue, caterer and decor specialist.  

Partyslate’s LA launch party marks another stage in the company’s rapid growth. Founded just two years ago, the business has already secured $1 million in venture capital and is quickly branching out throughout the US. Originating in Chicago, they have now added events capitals such as Dallas, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco. The success of the LA launch is reflective of the impressive dent they are making in an already highly competitive $112 billion events industry.

Their vision of combining originality with reproducibility may at first seem contradictory but is in fact very forward thinking. The purpose of the photographs serve first to inspire. It is easy to throw a party, but to throw something unique that people will remember is another challenge.

Planning events via the platform also saves the headache of having to try and replicate all the details of an event yourself with little knowledge of the quality of suppliers . Booking through the events platform guarantees professionalism; all event planners listed online are true professionals and are seen to be the best of the best in a mega-industry.

Just as celebrity event designer, Rrivre Davies, put the magical finishing touches on the LA launch party, PartySlate is hoping to bring a similar magic to many more special events all over the US.