This startup wants to revolutionize napping

By Michael Krumholtz December 7, 2018

A San Diego-based startup is trying to capitalize off one of all of our favorite past times: napping.

Hohm is a new startup that rents out sleeping pods to people using a smartphone app. The product is already available on the campus of the University of Arizona, where sleep-deprived students cramming for exams can rent out one of the four pods on campus by the hour.

“Sleep is just as important as food — it’s a basic human necessity,” Hohm’s 26-year-old founder Nikolas Woods told the San Diego Union-Tribune. “But when you need to sleep on the go, what are your options?”

For now, the pods are available for up to $12 per hour at the U of A site. Hohm could also install sleep pods in popular places like airports, co-working stations, and outside of businesses.

Founded in 2016, Hohm employs a worker per pod site to check in sleepers and clean up the rooms after use.

“We’re excited about this new way to support our students’ well being, especially during finals when sleep is so important for success,” U of A spokesperson Neysha Aguilar told the San Diego Union-Tribune. “Hohm sleeping pods will be a great place for students to recharge and keep their minds sharp.”

Hohm is currently in a funding round trying to raise nearly $1 million.