Thousands of Applications, No Development Effort: CloudBlue Connect’s New Update

By Sebastian Castro March 23, 2020

Time is of the essence for cloud service providers and resellers looking to swiftly implement digital transformation solutions for their customers. Days spent physically developing solutions come at a cost to both the provider and the customer. 

That is why CloudBlue, a leading cloud commerce platform for service providers, including managed service providers (MSPs), telecommunications companies, large value added resellers (VARs) and other distributors, has introduced new features to its CloudBlue Connect platform which are designed to provide its customers “even greater operational efficiency and scalability to more easily grow their businesses.”

CloudBlue Connect is a platform that helps providers manage the products and services they offer clients as well as automates contracts, ordering and fulfillment, usage and subscriptions. 

At the core of the new feature rollout is an important plugin on the Zapier platform. 

Zapier is an online automation tool that instantly connects applications. The plugin empowers CloudBlue users to swiftly implement thousands of apps for their customers with no development effort, from anywhere in the world, saving everyone time and money. 

According to Tarik Faouzi, Vice President at CloudBlue, “With businesses today being impacted by the current climate and the need for greater operational flexibility, our cloud and digital capabilities enable companies to look beyond the traditional ways of working to work from anywhere in the most efficient manner possible.” 

Tarik Faouzi, Vice President at CloudBlue

In keeping with the theme of saving time for providers, the CloudBlue Connect platform now features a “Subscription module” — a dashboard of sorts that allows providers and their vendors to easily view their respective recurring subscriptions. 

The CloudBlue Connect update also includes:  

  • Expanded compatibility with usage-based products: The ability to add products that require complex usage reporting.
  • Shopping cart validation and reservation: Automatically validate the availability of a product quantity and reservations before checkout.
  • Unified product definition: Vendors can more specifically define products from one interface, and providers can find all product-related information in one place. 
  • Extended SKU definition: Vendors can create a detailed SKU hierarchy so that providers can better understand their portfolio for clearer bundling and upselling and cross-selling paths.

As more and more businesses turn to the cloud to help them efficiently manage and scale their operations, the global marketplace for managed services continues to skyrocket. With additional products and features being released constantly, CloudBlue is investing heavily to become the leading solution for MSPs to run their businesses. 

“Our core mission is to help customers accelerate their time to market and revenue through increased business automation and continuous innovation,” said Faouzi. 

Disclosure: This article features a client of an Espacio portfolio company.