Turn any bike into a smart bike with SpeedForce

By Editor October 30, 2015


SpeedForce, a fully-integrated bike computer that turns any bike into a smart bike, announced this week it is now available at Indiegogo. Already the campaign is over 400% funded.

Inventor and CEO Gang Li created SpeedForce to encourage cyclists of all levels to embrace a healthier lifestyle through training and coaching with a device that is easy to use and install.

“We are taking biking computers to the next level in form, function and affordability,” said Li. “Bikers have more and more accessories that fill up their handlebars. SpeedForce integrates them all seamlessly into the bike with a beautiful design.”

SpeedForce installs by replacing the bike’s stem, becoming part of the bike to provide comprehensive functionality. Its 1.6-inch full-color transflective screen has a high resolution and a front-facing light that provides 30 feet of illumination for safer cycling. With more than 40 hours of battery life and real time coaching, its data pairs with the SpeedX Cycling app. To see video of SpeedForce in action, visit www.speedforce.com.

“I invested in SpeedForce because it is poised to change the biking industry,” said Kaifu Lee, Founder of Innovation Works and former Vice President of Google Global and President of Google China. “As an avid cyclist, I see how the emerging cycling market has the potential to take off, with SpeedForce leading the way.”

SpeedForce can charge your mobile device’s battery while providing all the data cyclists need, including:

Current/maximum/average speed
Current time and trip time
GPS directions
Route planning
Power rate
Tread rate
Access to training and coaching content

The SpeedX Cycling app then takes all of the information points gathered by SpeedForce and turns it into useful analysis. Riders can also post times on popular routes and share photos along the way.

“I wanted to create a computer that could not only track every piece of data I wanted as a cyclist, but do it within a modern design and at an affordable price, “ Li said. “SpeedForce has all the features of high-end products on the market without the high-end price.”

The public can pre-order SpeedForce at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/speedforce-the-world-s-smartest-cycling-computer#/

Units will ship to consumers in April, 2016.

About SpeedForce

SpeedForce uses superior design, first class technology and outstanding service to offer riders a new way to experience cycling. The SpeedForce team has decades of expertise in bicycle research and development. For more information, visit www.speedforce.com or email [email protected].