The U.S. pet industry: How it’s the perfect foundation for getting into franchising

By Editor April 12, 2016

The pet industry is incredibly lucrative right now in the United States and all signs indicate that it isn’t going anywhere. And if you are thinking of starting a business, getting into this particular industry has a number of distinct advantages.

Do What You Love

There’s almost nothing as important as job satisfaction. When you are happy with your work, your whole life is enriched, plus you have the motivation to perform well. Owning your own business is an especially great way to achieve this, as it allows you to set many of your own goals and manage yourself. And then there’s the fact that you will be working with pets, which is therapeutic in and of itself. If you love animals, then getting into an industry that allows you to interact with them on a regular basis will definitely push you to make the most of your career.

Enjoy A Robust Industry

Some industries are notoriously unstable. The slightest shift in the market or the introduction of a new, revolutionary service can knock longstanding businesses out in a few short years. However, pet services have proven to withstand many of these forces–even including the recession. According to a survey by WSL, a marketing research company, 81 percent of those polled said they spent as much or more on their pets during tough financial times. This makes sense, as most people will still want to provide for pets despite being low on money. While these individuals may decide to forego that dog costume or choose a regular food bowl over a monogrammed one, they’ll still have to buy that special allergy food, invest in obedience training, and ensure that their pet is walked during the day. This means that you will always have a market for a pet franchise.

Take Advantage of the Changing Landscape

One of the best advantages of owning a pet business at the moment (and probably well into the foreseeable future) is the fact that perceptions about pets are changing. Dogs, cats, rabbits, and the like are no longer seen as mere animals, but as cherished members of the family.

Forty years ago, a person taking their dog or cat to a groomer every month had better be entering them into a show, because otherwise it would be seen as a waste of money. Major surgery for pets was unheard of, as were funerals, headstones, and cremation, which are now quite common. Likewise, eco-friendly toys, pet sitting services, cat strollers, hypoallergenic dog shampoo, and customized cat mazes built to run the length of your house were all things that no one dreamed of.

What all of it signifies is that people want the best for their pets, and that is only an advantage to someone getting into the pet franchise business.

Step Into a Pre-established Business

While owning a franchise does not provide complete autonomy, it does provide something that will help you when starting out: Brand recognition. One of the problems that a lot of new businesses face (even pet businesses) is that building recognition and then trust takes time. With a pet franchise, you will have access to a pre-established business model–and your success will be in the franchisor’s best interest. They will provide training, resources, and materials to help you hit the ground running, and start making money immediately instead of a few years down the line.

If you are considering starting a pet franchise, you have a lot of advantages going in. From the favorable market to the fact that you will be doing something you actually love, a franchise in the pet industry is certainly something to consider.

Andrew Hill is owner of Pet Assist, a pet sitting and dog walking franchise based in Sharon, Massachusetts. With over twenty years of experience as a successful entrepreneur, Andrew Hill alongside with his wife Janis, have combined their business experience and passion for animals to establish Pet Assist, and make pets happy…one tail at a time! Andrew and Janis are also proud founders of the Eastern Massachusetts Pet Sitters Association. To learn more about Pet Assist Franchise visit