Who is the Young Indian Entrepreneur Who Created 30 Apps With Millions of Users Before He Was 15?

By Hannah Lindstadt June 29, 2017
indian entrepreneur

There are a lot of amazing people on the planet right now, and it’s impossible to have heard of them all. But if you’ve somehow missed out on the epic saga of Evan Luthra and his tech company EL Group International, you’ve been missing out on some top notch inspirational material.  

Recently discovering Evan’s story has me feeling like when I started watching Game of Thrones when it was in its 4th season: You only realize after you binge watch all the episodes to catch up, that you now have to wait to find out what happens next. Though it would be great to fast forward and see what life has in store, we are going to have to settle for catching a glimpse of this inspirational story at this slice in time.

Without further adieu: Evan Luthra – the 22 year old entrepreneur from New Delhi. He still has a lot of years ahead of him as a Top 30 Under 30 Entrepreneur, but he has already had quite a few years to get used to the role. He started out as a curious preeteen, disassembling and tinkering with 200 discarded computers from his father’s failed call center company. What began as a passion for discovery, evolved into self education and honing talents. Evan began developing mobile apps and was quickly on the cusp of leading trends and innovations. He had created over 30 apps that were used by millions of people before he was even 15.

indian entrepreneur

Evan Luthra

He built several successful companies aimed at various needs, from travel, social, educational, and even charity. Wiwigo has been filling an Uber shaped hole in India, by simplifying ride booking in India, and Givvr was developed to mash up good causes with big companies’ marketing dollars by converting online video views and shares to real donations.

So what does someone who loves making apps do once they achieve success savily building and selling apps? Why build more apps of course. Which is just what Evan’s company EL Group International is all about. They have systematized the art of developing custom applications, and have been doing so for top Fortune 500 companies like CitiBank, Unilever and Google. They also help build companies through EL Group’s Startup Studio, which looks to support and build great ideas into companies through partnerships.

His substantial success and public talks for the likes of Google, the UN and TedX (Seriously how had I not heard of him before again?!) had people starting to take notice. Adding fuel to the fire, Evan was recently featured on Rich kids of Instagram for his shared pics of his lavish lifestyle. Though it definitely looks like Evan enjoys living the adventurous and pampered life his success affords, he has downplayed the focus on material possessions and stays passionate about growing new startups and supporting tech innovation.  

“My fortunate circumstance is not indicative of the person I am or the way I carry myself. My goal was not to show off. I want to use Instagram to document my life. In the process, I hope that I am able to inspire people to achieve great things and understand the fact that if I was able to do it, so can they.”

If somehow despite his large social media following, you are just now hearing about Evan Luthra, you’re welcome. You are no longer missing out on top notch inspirational material. The guy has definitely got a lot done, in a short amount of time, and I for one am ready to binge watch a few more seasons of his life to know what he gets up to next.