Zero Keyboard launches a new way of using on mobile at Dreamforce ‘15

By Editor September 15, 2015

At the annual Dreamforce conference, Zero Keyboard is announcing a new kind of mobile application for sales reps to use Salesforce on the go. Instead of typing, Zero Keyboard allows users to update their Salesforce CRM using touch gestures as well as voice and image recognition, while updating Salesforce statistics in real time.

The company developing the application also announced a pre-seed funding of $500,000, from Nordic angel investors and the Finnish government’s technology fund TEKES. With the funding, the company is launching in the U.S. market.

“Sales people who love their job usually hate the reporting and bureaucratic part of it using a CRM system. So we decided to make life better for all sales reps all over the world, and developed a faster, easier way to update the CRM without having to type”, says Jaan Apajalahti, CEO & Co-Founder of Zero Keyboard. “Using touch gestures and voice recognition is the modern way to interact with mobile devices, and we wanted to bring the same experience to Salesforce”.

Zero Keyboard meets the growing demand for improved user experience of enterprise software, especially on touch-screen devices like smartphones and tablets. Salesforce was chosen as the first platform for Zero Keyboard, as it’s the fastest growing SaaS system in the $23.2 Billion global CRM market1.

Right from the beginning, Zero Keyboard teamed up with the leading Salesforce partner in the Nordic countries, Fluido. CEO Kai Mäkelä comments: “In our experience, Zero Keyboard is the most efficient way to enter data into Salesforce and it’s a must-have for every customer-facing sales rep”.

Zero Keyboard is available for Apple iOS and Google Android devices as an exclusive Dreamforce ’15 edition.

1 Source. Gartner