Buzz feed gives boost to Trove Market

By Editor March 2, 2016

Home furnishings and decor marketplace Trove Market ( helps individuals and businesses buy and sell quality second-hand furnishings and decor locally. The company has recently released a revamped version of its Apple (iOS) app – complete with an engaging social activity feed and electronic payments within chat – further strengthening its position as a user-first, tech-forward, social-mobile-local marketplace.

The most noticeable update to Trove’s iOS app is the new Buzz feed, an activity stream showing who’s favorited, followed, and made offers on items nearby, bearing resemblance to the captivating activity feed in P2P payments app Venmo. Don’t understand the allure or appeal of Venmo? Chances are, you’re asking the same questions as other folks living above the Venmo Line.* That said, it might be time to dip your toes because the under-30 crowd can’t get enough of it. They’re hooked on their contacts’ fun commentary about monies sent. Trove believes Buzz will have the same impact on its community members.

As Business Insider wrote in December, “Venmo’s ‘secret sauce’ keeps users checking the app even when they’re not making payments.” PayPal CEO Dan Schulman commented that, “Venmo users open the app four or five times a week. But they only do transactions a couple of times a week. It’s because everyone is looking at the feed to see, ‘What did you buy?’” **

Trove CEO Xing Wang agrees with Schulman’s comments and weighed in on how Buzz will benefit Trove users. “Buzz is a remarkable addition to our apps. We know people don’t buy and sell everyday, but Trove users can now see activity that’s happening nearby, and discover items they weren’t previously aware of. Coupled with the ability to follow sellers and items you like, it’s going to be much easier to find great deals on items you love.”

Features added with the introduction of Buzz:
• Follow others for an update when they’ve listed something new.
• Favorite items to see when there has been a price drop or change.
• Browse your Buzz feed to see who has liked items and made offers on items in your area.

According to Wang, Trove continues to focus on making buying and selling secondhand home furnishings locally more convenient and safer for the community. Trove is the only mobile-first, local marketplace that processes electronic P2P payments on behalf of its community members. The company is also the first and only to embrace the frameworks of conversational commerce, making payments a seamless part of natural conversation within the app and website.***

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About Trove Market:

Trove Tech, Inc. ( is a social, mobile, local marketplace company located in San Francisco, CA. Trove uses mobile, location-aware, and electronic payment technologies to make buying and selling locally safer and easier via the Trove Market platform (Apple/Android/Web/tvOS). In addition to enabling commerce between individuals, Trove partners with brick and mortar boutique stores and interior design showrooms to give their products greater visibility and drive local foot traffic to their shops, bridging the gap between online and offline.