Celestial Dynamics Ltd Announces Cosmic Watch 2.0, Adding New Features to the Award-winning App

By Sam Brake Guia April 30, 2019

Celestial Dynamics Ltd, the company behind the award-winning app Cosmic Watch, today announces the highly-anticipated 2.0 update for iOS and Android. With the added features, users can view the sky in augmented reality and see stars and planetary constellations in real time. Notifications now also include the current phases of the moon and the sun, and the main celestial events.

With over 30,000 downloads to date, Cosmic Watch is considered a top-notch educational tool. Its beautiful 3D design includes a celestial sphere and introduces basic astronomy concepts to users so they can learn about the motions of the sky. The 2.0 update is now also drawing the attention of design lovers, watch-freaks, and science fiction fans. In this update, the team successfully combined the newest interactive functions with intuitive handling and state of the art design. Updates include:

  • New Sky View: Point your phone or tablet to the sky and get a real-time look at the constellations, stars, and planets in space.
  • New Solar System View: see the complete solar system, change between heliocentric and geocentric views.
  • Events and Notifications: calculates the next astronomical and time-related events and sends notifications.  
  • New equatorial clock face: a contemporary and comprehensible visualization of the 24-hour day.
  • Transitions between views.
  • The Celestial Sphere, which can be switched on or off in the Earth View.
  • A new support system.

“Today a glance at your watch is associated with deadlines, responsibilities, and stress,” said Cosmic Watch CEO Eduardo Santana. “We want people to be reacquainted with a state of wonderment and relaxation when they look at their watches — and at the same time understand the role that time plays in our universe.”

Cosmic Watch has received endless praise as well as the Webby Award, and other honors from the likes of Wired & Techradar, AASL and the New York Times. The new update builds upon a smooth interface that encourages space learning for everyone.

“With the new update, everyone from hobby astronomers to sci-fi fans and even children can find a fascination for time and space through the app,” Santana added.

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