Claritus: An Investment App Helping to Simplify The Modern Investment Ecosystem

StartupBeat Team
By StartupBeat Team May 31, 2022

The USA has the largest share of total world equity at 55.9%, a share that is significantly larger than the share of the next reading countries Japan, the Republic of China, the UK, and France—which combined are equivalent to just 19.8%. 

The modern financial ecosystem is a diverse one, with many new currencies gaining relevance and new investment opportunities emerging every day. 

With options from securities, real estate, cryptocurrencies, private equity, VC, and employee stock ownership plans (ESOP), people looking to invest their hard-earned money can easily get lost navigating the 2022 financial terrain.  

With over $3 billion in assets supported, recently graduated from Beta application not only allows users to track, maintain, and nurture their investments, but also provides them with insight for smarter decision-making when it comes to strategizing long-term financial plans.  

Let’s take a look at how this app’s interface is helping to simplify the increasingly complex modern financial ecosystem.

Security and convenience in finance

In a choppy sea of apps, services, and spreadsheets, financial endeavors can be more than overwhelming., a company based in New York founded by three self-funded successful Fintech entrepreneurs, has built a personal finance app that provides a straightforward and comprehensive overview of financial portfolio performance. 

Founding Team of

Helping users to utilize a method to cross-track/multi-track and manage their money across a variety of traditional and alternative investment vehicles, the app unlocks a deeper understanding for savers and investors alike with an overview of their financial past, present, and future.’s investment app will provide both seasoned institutions and novice investors with the pertinent financial information they need to be in full control of their portfolio from one convenient interface. Turbocharged with new technology and a bright new look, the app is a convenient way for institutional investors and individuals to make their money work for them.

The app also provides access, through its innovative investments-tracking ecosystem, to a suite of new and familiar investment vehicles with an emphasis on alternative investments. In addition, they offer lending and saving options that include mortgages, loans, withdrawals/deposits, cash, certificate of deposits, collectibles, and personal business accounts.

All of the features recently announced in its out-of-beta app are guaranteed under the umbrella of the highest safety protocols.’s offers a continued commitment to guaranteeing the highest standards of privacy, encryption, and security, and also ensures that the highest encryption standards continue to be met and are updated when needed. 

Taking personal finance to the next level

Globally, the financial services industry saw a CAGR of 9.9% from 2020 to 2021 as it recovered from the COVID-19 pandemic. Wealth services are not only becoming more and more needed, but they are becoming needed in increasingly various ways as well. 

With each iteration of the app’s development, the team has gained insights passed to them from individuals and financial institutions around the world. This informative process has helped to ensure that new and pertinent features were continuously added to get the app’s interface as intuitive as possible for users. 

Easing access to the strongest investment opportunities available, aims to be the market-maker in revolutionizing wealth services in the US and globally in 2022. 

Disclosure: This article mentions a client of an Espacio portfolio company.