Clinicube Announces Sports Medicine Practice Launchfit, Opens Second Location

By Sam Brake Guia June 11, 2019

Clinicube, a leading NYC medical clinic, has opened its second medical coworking space in Manhattan. The facility is designed to help medical professionals lower the costs associated with starting a private practice and provide a better ability to care for their patients. A large number of physicians already make use of the space, including Launchfit, a sports medicine practice owned by Clinicube.

Clinicube’s first Manhattan location has already revolutionized the way that both practitioners and patients engage with each other. The second clinic, located at 160 Broadway 16th Floor, New York NY 10038 allows Clinicube to reach even more medical professionals and members of the public with their unique approach to medical coworking. Launchfit is a prime example of the benefits a medical coworking space can provide. Free from the constraints of financial bills and oversight, the team of skilled chiropractors, physical therapists and other practitioners are able to interact with their patients by providing personalized plans for their patients.

High costs of starting a private practice, including a 2% cut in medicare payments to doctors and healthcare providers, have proven to be a serious challenge to most medical professionals wanting to launch in this space. These high costs and the stress that comes with them can affect medical professionals’ ability to provide a positive customer experience – a staple for an effective private practice. By offering a low-cost solution to the private practice, taking care of time-consuming administrative issues, and getting rid of costly overhead, Clinicube gives medical practitioners the ability to focus all their attention to their patients.

“Starting a private practice can be a daunting task that requires heavy financial commitment,” said Noam Sadovnik, founder of Clinicube. “Some people end up in serious debt while other businesses just fold up. Even worse, when having to deal with the stress from the financial side of the operation, many physicians neglect what matters most: the patients. And if you can’t form a bond with your patients, what’s the point of a private practice anyway?”

Launchfit provides a unique boutique experience for patients needing health and sports medical treatment. This facility is part of the medical coworking space Clinicube, which is customized to serve the needs of professionals in the medical community. The new shared facility offers 24-hour access for doctors and their patients, mail service, fast internet, billing support, custom room configuration, digital marketing support, and much more. It has both full-time and part-time options, studio space for private practice, and occupies a full floor with direct elevator access.

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