Sygic Releases Next Generation Dashcam Add-on for its Mobile Navigation App

By Sam Brake Guia June 12, 2019

Sygic, the global navigation leader for over 25 years, has introduced a new version of its Dashcam add-on for its flagship GPS navigation app. The new add-on introduces several new features including a reworked user experience and design, sound recording, and new settings for video quality and single clip duration.

“This add-on for our Sygic GPS Navigation app provides peace of mind for everyone who doesn’t own a hardware dash camera or is a frequent user of car sharing and rental services. In case of an accident, you have a backup in your hands,” said Sygic’s Head of Product, Lukas Dermek.

The new version of the Dashcam comes with a variety of additional safety features, including autosave of the footage of a crash when the smartphone accelerometer detects a high G-force event, automatic recording triggered by car movement, and video overlay showing the date, time, speed and street in the entry. The smart add-on can also record the events in front of the car while the smartphone displays the navigation instructions.  

“The Dashcam add-on doesn’t require any additional hardware installations and takes advantage of the high-end hardware that comes with your smartphone that is not found in most of the market’s standalone dash cameras, including the accelerometer, the camera sensor and an accurate GPS module,” explained Dermek.

The new version of the Dashcam add-on for Sygic GPS Navigation is available in the latest update for iOS and Android.

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