DoggPoint Helps Companies Maximize Sales Opportunities

By Editor February 28, 2014

Submitted by: Jeffrey Luke

Leverages Research, Analytics and Data

for Insight-Driven Sales Presentations


February 26 2014 (Rochester, New York) – DoggPoint launches to help companies address the current market paradigm where prospects are more informed and empowered than ever before. Prospects are well into the buying cycle before they engage with suppliers, see little or no differentiation among those suppliers, and more often than not, choose the winner on price.

In order to compete in this tough new environment, companies must leverage knowledge and data to help or teach prospects about risks or opportunities they are not aware of. Suppliers need to be a resource that deliver insights to prospects in a way that helps them see their industry or business in a new or different way. Suppliers need to push prospects out of the zone where they see related suppliers as commodities so they recognize their differentiation and value proposition.

The DoggPoint process is geared toward insight discovery and messaging. The process includes interviews, research, analytics, messaging and design in the following steps:

1. Understand client’s current opportunities

2. Clarify value propositions

3. Deliver the right insights and knowledge

4. Supply supportive data and research

5. Write and design sales presentation

With this methodology and delivery process the odds of closing business have proven to increase. Top sales staff can gain more customer facing time while other performers are moved forward. The DoggPoint approach is more efficient, requires less investment and is non-disruptive compared to traditional sales consulting or training programs.

“We know today’s executives have dozens of business critical issues to deal with at any given time.” said Craig Geller, founder of DoggPoint. “Where to best focus human and financial resources for optimal results is a continual concern. DoggPoint offers a low risk, high reward, opportunity focused approach.”

About DoggPoint

Located in Rochester, New York, DoggPoint is an organization that companies go to in order to maximize their sales opportunities and get results. Through research and analytics, insights and data, and messaging and design Doggpoint helps you differentiate and win business in competitive markets. DoggPoint offers the shortest path to sales success.



Jeffrey Luke


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Mobile:  585-943-6885

Office:    800-880-3727

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