EverThere raises $1.8m to personalize and automate event marketing

By Oliver Griffin November 16, 2016

EverThere has raised $1.8m led by Elevator Fund to help advertisers precisely target event attendees.

The San Francisco and Tel Aviv based company boasts a 21% conversion rate through personalized advertising campaigns at events and trade shows. The funding will be mainly used to grow its event marketing automation platform and its West Coast sales and marketing team.

EverThere’s platform enables advertisers to connect with event audiences who are actively seeking solutions, then engages their addressable target market with unique offerings, even when do not attend or sponsors those events.

Elevator Fund’s Lior Prosor, said “EverThere had bootstrapped for over a year from foundation till this seed round, and have reached pretty impressive traction and initial revenues.

“Among the company’s clients and partners are large professional event production firms like Informa, Clarion Events, and Comexposium as well as leading industry events like ad:tech NY in marketing, IoT World in tech and consumer facing events like The Festival of Hope with 2.5 million attendees globally”

EverThere aims to solve one of the most familiar pains for marketers – the inability to measure and optimize event budgets and strategies. In a world of big data, B2B marketers are unsatisfied with the lack of transparency and trackability that accompanies event marketing and a solution is overdue.

The platform analyzes millions of event attendees, finds the attendees that are likely to become customers and engages them with specific and timely offerings, turning them into qualified leads.

For the first time, brands and advertisers don’t have to physically attend the event, but can “bid” on qualified leads at the event remotely. EverThere clients can track effectiveness of their offers in real-time and receive an analytics report at the close of each event, providing insights into attendee behavior and interest.

Live events such as conferences and trade shows are the biggest line item on a B2B marketer’s budget, with nearly 20% of spend committed to live events . According to the Harvard Business Review, SAP generates 60% of its revenues from events. Event marketing accounted for $26.1 billion of B2B marketers’ spend in the US alone, which is expected to grow 6.3% in 2016.

As such, EverThere estimates that the entire experiential marketing spend is as high as $94bn globally each year in both business and consumer events.

Maayan Levy, EverThere’s founder and CEO said, “On average, EverThere’s clients and prospective clients have achieved 10 times higher returns on their event marketing investment with EverThere over traditional event marketing.

“We believe that the world of physical event marketing will undergo a digital transformation similar to almost every other vertical, and EverThere will be at the forefront of that innovation.”


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