Featured Company Pitch: MyBankTracker.com

By Editor July 12, 2010

MyBankTracker logo 

Company: MyBankTracker.com

Website: www.mybanktracker.com

Headquarters: New York City

Year Founded: 2008

Founders: Alex Matjanec, Tadas J. Nikulin and Jason Reposa

Investors: Self-funded

Employees: 7

Company Description: 

“Coined the Google for banks, MyBanktracker.com offers consumers information about banks in order to help them make smart banking decisions”

By Alex Matjanec, Co-founder,

Alex Matjanec, MyBankTracker.comThe concept to launch MyBankTracker.com began in early 2008, when Tadas J. Nikulin, Jason Reposa and I saw a need to shift the way banking information was presented by providing a more consumer-oriented personal finance portal.

Headquartered in New York City’s DUMBO neighborhood, MyBankTracker.com helps consumers make informed banking decisions and save money—and it is available free of charge to the consumer.  To meet the growing demand for easier access to clear information about the best banks and rates in the country, we provide an easy-to-use web portal that lets consumers rate and review banks, compare interest rates and learn more about the savings and investment options to best meet their goals.

Now, more than 200,000 unique monthly visitors later, we track more than 50,000 state based products and more banks than any other site in the industry—more than 1,000 to date—with rates for CDs, savings, checking, mortgage, credit card and home equity line of credit accounts updated daily to provide the most current information that helps consumers find the best rates at more banks across the country.

A clutter-free interface and jargon-free language are part of our effort to make MyBankTracker.com one of the most consumer-friendly financial education sites available.  With transparency as its guiding principle, MyBankTracker.com gives users a social tool to access banking information; ask financial questions, voice opinions and share experiences on neutral turf.

We didn’t develop MyBankTracker.com to try and convince people to simply change accounts or banks; we are providing information—so, when the time is right, the consumer can have meaningful discussions about the benefits and service offerings from their bank or with other banks.

And, of course, we think it’s crucial that banking customers—our users—get their input.

MyBankTracker’s new review system lets current banking customers rate their banking experience in 5 categories (based on a 5-star rating system) and leave a comment describing their experience.  Peer ratings and reviews for all the major banking institutions in the U.S. enable MyBankTracker.com users to learn from one another about different product options and customer service experiences.

Revenue generation is accomplished through niche advertising partnerships.  We only partner with brands that fit our mission and messaging.  Banks choose to advertise with us because of our transparency and reporting integrity; they want to be associated with our brand and are not afraid of positive or negative reviews.  Collecting, analyzing and filtering thousands of bank product data points allows us to support banks by becoming a resource to support their competitive goals.

While the size of our team fluctuates between 5-9 employees, we are constantly looking for new talent.  At this time, developers are our main priority, but writers who can contribute content are always considered.  That being said, we as a company believe in staying lean, without stunting growth opportunities.  As a self-funded entity, we like to grow at an even pace, and we take that mission very seriously—especially when we make the decision to add a new member to the team or launch a marketing campaign.

MyBankTracker.com – www.mybanktracker.com