Featured Startup Pitch: The Artist Post – A social media platform for artists

By Editor March 11, 2016

COMPANY: The Artist Post


The Artist Post is a social media platform for artists spanning all artistic genres.


The Artist Post allows artists to post videos, audio clips, and photographs of their many talents. The Artist Post brings all the beautiful things the world has to offer into one central location. Members may create a free artist profile that includes a profile picture, an About Me section, and the ability to attach links or contact information.


The Artist Post stands out from other social media sites in that it caters to all artistic categories such as musicians, photographers, dancers, film makers, actors, comedians, and models. Bringing all art types together allows a diverse and fresh community to support each other, network, and collaborate. All posts are in the form of media. Only allowing media to be posted filters out irrelevant posts that you tend to find on other social media platforms.


Robbie Alvarez is an active duty United States Coast Guard member. He is also the founder and CEO of The Artist Post. Robbie started The Artist Post to help change the world. He wanted to create a place that would allow the beautiful things in the world to be showcased and spotlighted. Robbie feels that art in all its wonderful forms can bring the world together again.

Following an unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign to fund the development of TheArtistPost.com, Robbie was able to save some funds along with the help of family to make the dream come true. The main site launched in the Spring of 2015 and had some great feedback. After a few months went by Robbie believed it was time to start working on a mobile app for The Artist Post (TAP App). He again started another Kickstarter campaign. This time, it was a success. The Artist Post mobile app was on its way to development and is currently in alpha testing.


WEBSITE: theartistpost.com

FOUNDER: Robbie Alvarez

INVESTORS: Bootstrapped


TWITTER: @TheArtistPost

FACEBOOK: facebook.com/theartistpost

LINKEDIN: linkedin.com/company/the-artist-post