Featured Startup Pitch: Beehive aims to demystify social data for businesses large and small

By Editor January 7, 2016


COMPANY: Beehive


Beehive enables brands to track #hashtags so that they can easily discover and curate their most engaging user-generated content, identify influential customers, and optimize their social ROI.


Beehive enables brands to make smarter decisions and nurture deeper relationships with their customers. Built by marketers for marketers, the platform tracks data across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to provide clients with smart data that they can leverage to improve their strategies in order to build better relationships with existing customers and to grow their followings.

Beehive offers three major services. First, Beehive collects the data from each brand’s hashtags to determine the client’s most engaging content. Beehive then analyzes this information and provides the client with useful insights about their most influential customers. Lastly, Beehive offers information that will optimize each client’s strategy to extend their social media reach and improve their ROI.

Beehive is designed to be user-friendly so that even the most tech illiterate can effectively use the platform to learn about their customers. Beehive aims to demystify social data for brands of all sizes so that every business owner can make sense of the data before them.


While traditional analytics services are geared toward Fortune 500 companies, Beehive targets SMEs that want social intelligence delivered seamlessly via the cloud, at an affordable price.


Cameron Mclain founded Beehive in response to the challenges he faced while launching previous apps. Through these experiences, he found that analytics and social data were overwhelming and difficult to interpret. To scratch his own itch, Cameron built a MVP (minimum viable product) of a service to measure and track the social data behind his own campaigns. Beehive was the result, created to demystify social data through simplicity of functionality and design.


Beehive is a monthly subscription-based model. There is the starter kit, which begins at $69 per month paid annually, that allows a user to track one-to-three hashtags at once. There is the small business subscription for $209 per month paid annually, which allows two users to track five hashtags at once. The agency subscription, which starts at $399 per month paid annually, allows three users to track five hashtags. Lastly, there is a special Enterprise subscription (no set price) that allows more than four users to track 15-plus hashtags.


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