Featured Startup Pitch: Trveler – A subscription-based spontaneous vacation service

By Editor January 7, 2016


COMPANY: Trveler


Trveler Inc. offers all-inclusive, spontaneous short vacations at the most exciting tourist spots around the U.S. with optional ‘surprise’ destination plans.


Trveler is a subscription-based travelling service, offering customers the chance to take all-inclusive trips to various destinations in the U.S. Every 90 to 120 days Trveler selects a secret destination for the customer, notifying them of their surprise vacation spot just two weeks prior to their departure. Trveler provides roundtrip airfare from the customer’s home and a two night stay in a hotel that is ranked three stars or above.

It is a Travel Startups Incubator company. Travel Startups Incubator funds early Seed-stage travel technology ideas by providing $25,000 investments and mentorship to talented travel entrepreneurs.

The new service, aimed at Millennials, allows travelers to take trips to ‘surprise’ destinations, or select from multiple tourism hubs around the U.S. including San Francisco, Las Vegas, New York, Austin, New Orleans, and many more. Trveler offers two-to-four day trips to 40-plus destinations, including the top cities listed in Forbes’ recent feature “The 10 Best Cities for Weekend Vacations.” Trveler also offers ‘mini’ subscription periods of four months so users never have to agree to a long term contract. The system automatically selects destinations that are at least one state away so that customers are guaranteed new and different travel experiences.


Typically, cutting costs for travel may involve choosing less desirable destinations, suffering multiple layovers and flying into/out of more remote airports at inconvenient hours. Trveler eliminates this inconvenience without driving up the costs. They offer a maximum of just one layover for any trip, three-star hotels or above, and the ability to space out payments over four month periods.


Founded in 2014 by Pablo Chavez and George Haskell, who have over ten years of experience in the hospitality and travel industry. Trveler was incubated with leading travel technology startup accelerators Travel Startups.


Trveler has a subscription-based model with prices starting at $129.99 per month for individuals and $249.99 for couples, each with a minimum four month commitment.


HEADQUARTERS: Orlando, Florida

WEBSITE: app.trveler.com


TWITTER: @trvelernation

FACEBOOK: facebook.com/trveler