Featured Startup Pitch: Decorilla – Interior design meets VR technology

By Editor May 4, 2016

COMPANY: Decorilla


Decorilla combines traditional, in-home interior design and technology to make beautiful dream designer spaces more accessible.


Decorilla’s use of technology means that anyone across the globe can use the platform to create a beautifully designed space, irrelevant of their location. The online platform streamlines the process, connecting customers with professional interior designers at a fraction of the price of traditional interior design services.

Customers choose from a selection of photos to identify the style they are after, they select their preferred brands and then fill out a questionnaire that specifies additional details. The process then continues with a phone call, additional online forms, or alternatively, an in-home visit from an expert. The new VR app, available on iOS, now also lets Decorilla customers walk through a digital model of their design, helping them to visualize their new homes before the design has been executed.

Decorilla’s technology has helped clients to create a variety of great-looking interior designs; from providing realistic 3D renderings and online shopping lists to a fully-immersive virtual reality experience.

Check out Decorilla’s VR experience: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C1DNaOtQXG4


Traditional interior design services can cost upwards of $5,000. Decorilla is able to offer a cost-effective alternative through using technology that streamlines the process. Decorilla provides the tools for clients to specify their tastes and requirements and connects them directly with interior design professionals that are carefully vetted by the Decorilla team.


Decorilla was founded in 2012 by CEO Agnieszka Wilk. Agniezska came from a background of finance, but after moving to South Korea launched into her career as an entrepreneur. She used the money from the sale of her home in Canada to start Decorilla.

Agniezska met co-founder Joshua van Aalst through a mutual friend from MIT. When Joshua came on board they began to assemble the technical founding team. Today, Decorilla is headquartered in New York, with designers in 20 cities and operations across the U.S.


Clients choose between three packages that range from $345 to $1,289 per room. They pay based on the quantity of concepts they receive and the experience of the designer. Using Decorilla, clients are able to receive up to 25 percent off furniture and accessories from popular design stores.


WEBSITE: decorilla.com


FACEBOOK: facebook.com/Decorilla

TWITTER: @Decorilla

LINKEDIN: linkedin.com/company/decorilla