In three years a Polish startup plans to employ 2,000 IT experts

By Editor May 5, 2016

Founded in June last year and operating on the professional IT services market, Onwelo plans to employ more than 2,000 specialists in Poland and abroad in three years’ time. Opening a new office in New York is just the first step towards an offensive on the global market.

The originators, founders and co-owners of Onwelo are Piotr Reichert – a finance project management expert with more than 20 years’ experience under his belt (formerly, inter alia, a member of Comarch Board of Directors) and Dariusz Ossowski – an international environment operations management expert with more than 15 years’ experience under his belt (formerly in management positions at, inter alia, Atos, Comarch, Sygnity). A sizeable body of shares of the newly-established company belongs to, inter alia, Helene Zaleski, a former chairwoman of the Supervisory Board of Alior Bank, and Niels Lundorff, a co-founder and former vice-president of Alior Bank.

Major investors have put their confidence in us. The achievement of this goal will be facilitated by a perfect alignment of IT experts with specific project tasks, as well as by the adopted corporate culture with its firm mentorship base provided by our team members,” said Piotr Reichert, a co-founder of Onwelo.

Currently, the company numbers 80 associates. More than 50% of these have logged over 10 years of experience on the IT market. The company is planning a rapid employment growth – 3 years from now its ranks will number more than 2,000 associates. Such a fast development is possible owing to the company’s services being offered in foreign markets from the very first day of its operation. A new office has just opened in New York, which counts for the first step towards creating a customer service centre in the US. More offices are scheduled to open in the near future – in western Europe and the Middle East.

The company is implementing a number of projects for both Polish and foreign clients – leading players on the financial market. The offer is also targeted on the insurance, telecommunications, pharmaceutical and FMCG industries. The representatives of these sectors will be offered the benefits of such services as the creation, development and maintenance of software, as well as project management, business analysis and service management.

Instrumental in the implementation of the projects are hard, technical skills, as well as extensive business experience, e.g. in such areas as front-end applications, sales support systems, CRM applications, core-operating systems, ERP-class systems, business process modelling with BPM tools, business intelligence, big data, and integration in the expanded client infrastructure. The projects are executed independently or on the basis of partnership agreements, inter alia with RedHat, Clico.

The company offers flexible collaboration models, allowing for the optimisation of deadlines and IT project costs.

We are creating a state-of-the-art company which successfully competes on the global IT market. We are building a global team of experts as well as a network of international sales. We have won a lot of highly experienced specialists over to our project; they constitute the hard core of our company. Consequently, we have already entered into service agreements with our first clients,” concluded Dariusz Ossowski, a co-founder.

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