Featured Startup Pitch: Founded by two sisters, Shadora.com leverages low overhead, limited inventory, and time-limited deals to offer huge discounts on jewelry

By Editor July 10, 2012

Shadora_logoCompany: Shadora.com

Website: www.shadora.com

Founders: Shoshanah Posner and Devorah Schectman

Headquarters: New York City

Parent Company: OneSaleADay.com

Year Founded: 2010

Twitter: @shadorajewelry

Brief Company Description: A unique fine jewelry site that offers incredible bargains—up to 90 percent off—on top-quality jewelry with a fun, fashionable touch.


Shoshanah_Posner-Shadora.comBy Shoshanah Posner, co-founder

Product Overview

Shadora.com sells fabulous, top-quality jewelry at impossibly low prices—up to 90 percent off list prices. We offer pieces made with real gemstones and precious metals and sell a limited number of items at a time for 30 days or while supplies last—all at a fraction of what the jewelry would retail for at the local mall.

We feature jewelry for all occasions, including bridal sets that allow customers to save thousands on diamonds. We also offer quality diamond alternatives like white topaz to give customers on limited budgets beautiful, real gemstones to mark their special occasions. Current deals include a 2.5 carat citrine and sterling silver pendant and earrings set for $19.99, a deluxe one/three carat G-H I1 diamond solitaire ring in 10K white gold for $249.99 and a one carat white topaz and sterling silver solitaire ring for $19.99.

Every Shadora purchase comes in a beautiful gift box at no additional cost, and shipping is always free every day, with no minimum order.

Founders’ Story

My sister (co-founder Devorah Schectman) and I used to work in the Diamond District. Most of the jewelers were middle-aged men, and we noticed that the huge markups on fine jewelry put items out of reach for many women. We wanted to give women who desire a fashion-forward look access to quality jewelry at a bargain price, and we thought it would be great to provide a shopping experience with a fun, feminine touch.

We’re able to accomplish all of that at Shadora.com. By keeping our overhead low and working with vendors all over the world to find the best bargains, we put fine jewelry within everyone’s reach.

Founding Shadora.com also allows us to fulfill our goal of working together and spending time with our children and families. Devorah and I have always been very close, and we have complementary personalities and strengths that allow us to work together successfully. We divided up the business responsibilities in a way that allows us to use our individual talents best.

Marketing/Promotion Strategy

Consistently offering high quality jewelry at bargain prices has been a great growth strategy for us. We became the fifth largest varied merchandise jeweler on the web in less than two years due to our incredibly low prices on amazing jewelry.

We also make interacting with Shadora.com fun, keeping things light with fashion and beauty tips to encourage repeat visits and using social media tools to promote the site, like contests on Pinterest and Facebook. We’re like an online friend who happens to offer bargains on the most stunning jewelry—all 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed.

How We Differentiate from the Competition

Our rock bottom-prices on top-quality jewelry are unparalleled: That’s the primary way we differentiate ourselves from competitors. Our attitude is also different. At Shadora.com, we believe that fine jewelry should be accessible to all. That’s why we offer pieces in many price ranges—to make sure that even those on the tiniest budgets can look their best. For example, a sparkling pair of two carat white topaz studs set in sterling silver is only $9.99, including shipping and a gift box.

We also have a unique fashion sense. We choose every piece to ensure that customers are happy with their purchases not only today but well into the future.

And we keep it fresh! Our website is constantly changing—we have a new collection every day that helps you think of ways to look good. Shadora.com offers fun, original pieces that are fashionable now and will remain classics for years to come.

Business Model

The Shadora.com business model couldn’t be simpler: We find the lowest possible prices and pass the savings along to our customers. Keeping our overhead low with limited inventory and time-limited deals allows us to offer incredible bargains that attract new customers and keep current Shadora.com fans coming back for more.

We’re also able to leverage the purchasing power of our parent company, OneSaleADay.com, to access even deeper discounts. This lets us offer unbeatable prices while generating a profit.

Current Needs

Due to our rapid growth, Shadora.com is currently hiring. We’re looking to add customer service and administrative staff to the Shadora.com team.

Shadora.com – www.shadora.com