Featured Startup Pitch: iMoneza brings flexible micropayments to the online media world

By Editor November 5, 2015

iMoneza screen

COMPANY: iMoneza


iMoneza enables publications to be successful and allows consumers to easily access high-quality news and information.


iMoneza is the first intelligent, secure micropayment gateway for digital media. iMoneza features an integrated pay wall and a digital wallet, enabling the online content provider to easily attach pricing and charge for any of their content. At the same time, iMoneza makes it simple and economical for consumers to access information.

With iMoneza, the consumer has the flexibility to use the content in a way that fits his/her needs and lifestyle. ‘Pay as you go’ is increasing in popularity, especially among Millennials, as an alternative to the subscription model.


iMoneza’s cloud-based solution is designed to help publishers enhance their digital business models, charging consumers a small fee (approximately $0.25-$2) to access the premium content they desire.

iMoneza is the first company to focus on online content, including articles, podcasts, music, and videos. No other company has this laser focus. In addition, iMoneza differentiates itself by efficiently and effectively processing small payments. This is completed while the customer stays on the content provider’s website. No other company has this capability.


Mike Gehl, the founder and chief executive officer, spent his entire career in research, development, and design, looking into the future and seeing the big picture.

He is an avid sports fan and loves football. The idea for iMoneza sprouted after he visited a popular sports website to get some information after the NFL draft. The article he wanted to read was behind a paywall. The website wanted $8.99 for the story! He didn’t buy it. Later that month, a similar situation occurred when Mike was traveling and wanted to read a review on a local restaurant. The only way he could access the review was if he were a subscriber, which didn’t make sense since he lived in another city.

It was then that Mike realized there had to be a better way for the consumer to access the content they desire—and for the publisher to generate revenue and stop turning away valuable customers.


HEADQUARTERS: Brookfield, Wisconsin

FOUNDER: Mike Gehl

INVESTORS: Bootstrapped


TWITTER: @iMoneza

FACEBOOK: facebook.com/imoneza

LINKEDIN: linkedin.com/company/imoneza