Featured Startup Pitch: Sushi Status – Status reports clients and teams will actually read

By Editor January 25, 2016

COMPANY: Sushi Status


The ultimate status report tool built by project managers.


Sushi Status helps project managers create status reports clients and teams will actually read.

Anyone who runs a project that gets reported to a team or c-level people generally has a problem with communicating the status of that project. Reporting is usually done through phone calls, in-person meetings, spreadsheets, spiral bound books, tools like Basecamp and JIRA, etc. Whatever the form factor, it ends up being a waste of time and money and results in a lot of people not having the information they need to make important business decisions.

Sushi Status solves the problem by integrating with the tools teams use and allowing the project manager to send a perfectly designed and organized email. This means that CEO can get timeline updates and red flags, a CTO can get velocity on an agile project with epic completion numbers, and the CMO can get a list of to-dos yet to be done.

Liaisons can basically get the right information to the right people and not worry about changing anyone’s workflow or making the teams sign up for another login.



We have no known competitors, but we’d like to compare our mission to that of Basecamp. Unlike Basecamp, clients don’t need (or want) another login or to learn another tool in order to get updates on the status of their project. Basecamp does do some amazing things for keeping to-do lists and file attachments in one place. Instead of trying to be the tool that’s all things to all people, we’ve tooled Sushi Status to integrate with productivity tools like Basecamp so that teams can continue to use the tools that make them efficient. Clients can now just get the most important information from the project in a simple and beautifully designed email, customized to their information needs. Because it’s email, they can access it anywhere on anything, versioned and ready to take immediate action.


Collectively, the team is comprised of a diverse background in law, banking, and brand strategy, all serving at various advertising agencies in Chicago.

John W. Ostler, Don Bora, Steve Polacek – co-founders of Eight Bit Studios/Sushi Status
Heather Brown, Paige Busse, Jennifer Gardner – heads of product, Sushi Status


Free trial then $29/month and $59/month.



WEBSITE: sushistatus.com


TWITTER: @SushiStatus

FACEBOOK: facebook.com/SushiStatus