Featured Startup Pitch: Vilynx wants to change the way video is consumed by making the old static thumbnail a dynamic preview

By Editor June 18, 2015



We are changing the way the world views videos by enhancing the static thumbnail and providing viewers with a visual “sneak peek” into every video before they hit play. Powerful analytics track, measure, and analyze customer video performance to help improve content, and keep viewers actively engaged. We offer simple integration with just one line of code, and access across a wide range of devices and platforms.


Vilynx acts as a discovery tool into each video, and offers consumers a better video viewing experience by eliminating the ‘bait and switch’ video thumbnails. Our base technology is a 5-second summary for any online video. The 5-second summary will give a sneak peek into the video. Vilynx selects the best scenes from a video based on cues such as facial recognition, action, scene changes, and audio. Vilynx’s technology has been tested and validated in different vertical markets with amazing results including increased consumer video play rates by more than 3x and improved engagement by 6x.

For consumers: Vilynx provides an exceptional mobile video experience for consumers enabling them to get to the video they want to watch faster. The Vilynx mobile technology was developed to overcome the limitation of bandwidth plans and battery life of smart phones. The simple integration of one line of code will forever change the way viewers consume online videos.

For publishers: Vilynx offers a way to better monetize through:

Intelligent in-line video ad insertion technology – The in-line ad insertion technology works concurrently with Vilynx’s five-second video preview solution based on user engagement and video views, and provides an exceptional online video discovery experience for consumers. It removes the hassle of manually scrubbing through videos for the content they need, and enables them to preview a video’s content without pressing the play button. The algorithm picks out the best moment to insert the ad to maximize ad view rates without disrupting the user’s video browsing experience. As a result, online publishers can:

Leverage consumers’ browsing habits with targeted in-line advertisements;

Drive a new revenue stream;

Maximize revenue for existing video inventory, and

  • Solve the problem of mobile screen size limitation by adding the smart in-line ad insertion solution to the video preview.
  • Video ad conversion analytics – links desktop and mobile video views with real-time sales conversions, enabling brands to quantify and evaluate what video and its specific parts are visually driving consumers’ purchases.
  • Detects the precise interactions within a video that influence a customer’s path to purchase
    Gives eCommerce brands/retailers the ability to run consumer-driven video campaigns that optimize sales directly increasing ROI
  • Runs on top the Vilynx video preview solution and can be implemented with only one line of code
    Ability to target and segment video previews tailored to specific audiences to build and deliver the preview that will maximize conversions in each of them, e.g. via geography, market vertical, etc.
    Machine-learning solution to best optimize the video preview by automatically changing out the highlighted clips that are not helping drive video views and conversions


I was sick and tired of the bait and switch with video thumbnails on YouTube and other sites. There had to be a better way to understand what is in a video before you press the play button. There also needed to be a better way to find the interesting parts in a video. So we wanted to develop solution by providing insight into the video’s content extracting the key 5 second clips and showcasing them as part of a preview (just like a trailer for a video) .


The key to our success has been establishing relationships with Publishers along with creating mock-ups of their sites that leverage the Vilynx technology. These relationships take a long time to develop so it is just a question of continuously following up. We also have a strategy around developing thought leadership content that we post on our blog and promote through social media channels.


The digital video is huge. Viewership of online video content has been growing 100% year over year (Comscore). The Vilynx video summaries generate higher click-through rates for publishers and opens up a whole new video watching experience that can be used to integrate an other ad channel. This means more revenue for video content owners as more people consume video previews as they look to discover interesting videos. The scale and opportunity is huge and will help accelerate the revenue opportunity – online video ad revenue will reach nearly $5 billion in 2016, up from $2.8 billion in 2013. Vilynx is a great opportunity for them to easily and seamlessly integrate with the current video content.


There are currently no companies providing exactly what Vilynx does (content discovery with actual clips from the original video). Our closest competitors are Daily Motion and Bing but they are using internally developed tech for their own use. Vilynx can be used for any site and can be integrated with by connecting your MRSS feed and adding a line of code to your website.


We use a CPM model for video views and offer a new ad model based on the people watching the previews.


We are looking to gain new customers, hire developers and begin Series A discussions.

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HEADQUARTERS: Palo Alto, California; New York City, Barcelona

WEBSITE: www.vilynx.com

FOUNDERS: Hendrik van der MeerChris AcostaJuan Carlos RiveiroAdam Talcott,
Elisenda Bou

INVESTORS: Joe Golden, Ridgewood Capital


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