Transpose announces official launch of new platform

By Editor June 18, 2015


Seattle-based company pivots from a note taking tool to an information management platform that lets users capture, structure and organize information

Seattle – June 18, 2015 – Transpose, a platform that simplifies the collection of personal and business information, announced its official public launch today. The announcement comes on the heels after securing $1.4M in funding in May 2015.

Originally branded as KustomNote, Transpose began as a template creation tool that simplified note taking, specifically with Evernote users. Thousands of created and shared templates helped quickly grow the user base to over 90,000, prompting Transpose CEO, Hussein Ahmed, to re-examine the purpose for which people collect data and what they do with information.

“As we deepened our connection with our users, we realized that recording and sharing notes was just one piece of the puzzle,” stated Hussein Ahmed, founder and CEO, Transpose. “The other piece was creating structure and pulling intelligence that could lead to real outcomes. Not just for personal users, but for large businesses as well.”

Every business, large or small, needs a way to organize and structure their data in their very own unique way. However, hiring someone to build that structure is often costly and complex. Transpose brings that functionality to everyone, regardless of their skill set and knowledge.

Transpose includes the following features:

• Customization–Flexibility to customize and manage all types of data. This is useful to sectors such as education and law enforcement, where data organization is imperative.
• Easily capture information – Users can design templates compatible with various data and publish any template as a web form to gather data from customers or users.
• World-class search – Data is easily captured via voice, type, image or text and can be extracted so users can easily find what they need.
• Community Engagement –Transpose’s public library lists over 200,000 globally shared templates. Topics include business, education, food, health, and personal productivity. Users can download, share, create, and help grow the Transpose community.

Transpose is now available as a web-based application and the desktop and mobile applications will be available shortly. For more information about Transpose and how you can increase your productivity, please visit

About Transpose

Transpose is an easy to use platform for storing, structuring, and sharing information. The company was developed to let people create and organize their world in a way that makes sense to them. For more information, please visit


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