FindBroadband launches platform to help enterprise customers streamline telecoms costs

By Oliver Griffin May 11, 2017

FindBroadband has launched a new service in a bid to help enterprise customers get up and running with broadband and other telecoms services. This Texan startup helps businesses get setup quickly and easily, making the whole process of finding broadband much less painful. 

Thanks to FindBroadband, businesses can insert all their addresses – including prospective sites – and export a CSV file in seconds that will give them all the information. This saves them the hassle of having to contact 30 different providers to see what coverage is available at each address. Larger chains with multiple locations can use this data to leverage contract negotiations with telecom companies.

“With FindBroadband, companies that are planning on expanding can research possible building sites ahead of time to gain a deep understanding of their internet infrastructure possibilities,” said co-founder Nick Reese. “We help mid-market and enterprise level customers with many locations streamline their telecom costs, as well as assisting small ‘mom and pop’ shops find the best service in their area.”

Businesses don’t have time to call every provider in their area so FindBroadband whittles down the list to just the providers that have coverage nearby – even in measurements of feet. This saves clients time and money.

The platform works by searching more than a billion rows of data every time someone searches an address. Data is constantly verified and updated behind the scenes, and FindBroadband also provides access to an ever-growing amount of proprietary data that providers have given. This includes more than 486,212 On-Net and Near-Net addresses; over 4,949 provider footprints, and information on over 1,200 datacenters.

FindBroadband is also the first and only service that gives access to a Application Program Interface (API) to clients searching for Internet availability at an address level now that is no longer being updated. This allows businesses such as real estate developers and commercial real estate agents to provide their customers with in-depth knowledge of the data and telecommunications services that are available.

“Unfortunately, even large amounts of broadband data is publicly available, it’s hard to access, difficult to understand, and in many cases just plain inaccurate. All of this  means it’s not very usable for everyday consumers,” Reese said. “That’s why we set-up our company. We validate the data statistically, geospacially, and manually all in an effort, to help business find the best internet service in their area.


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