GAMURS launches out of beta providing a new ‘all-in-one’ social network haven for the gaming community

By Editor July 14, 2015


GAMURS has announced its launch out of beta, providing a positive environment for gamers to share and interact with like-minded people around the world.

GAMURS is a new social network that allows passionate gamers to bring all of their gaming accounts onto one platform, share their achievements, chat with fellow players, and keep up to date all in one site.

“The fact is that there’s still somewhat of a negative connotation when it comes to gaming,” said Founder and CEO Riad Chikhani. “People are fine posting about other interests like movies, books, TV shows, and sports, but as soon as you start posting about gaming, you’re dismissed as a geek, a loner, or someone that doesn’t have better things to do with their time.”

On GAMURS, users can integrate their gaming accounts – PSN, Xbox Live, Steam, Twitch and YouTube – to the platform simply by adding their associated email address. Users also create a personal profile page with customizable background, photos, and game history information, and can share content with other members of the GAMURS network.

In-game achievements are automatically shared on users’ profiles via their synced gaming accounts. Everyone can follow their peer’s progress online, which keeps friendly competition alive.

Chikhani originally came up with the idea for GAMURS as a means of sharing achievements with like-minded fans, rather than bombarding non-interested friends and family on social media with “nerdy” game stats. For the competitive gamer, the GAMURS leaderboard displays their ranking out of all members of the social network, categorized by games.

The potential market for GAMURS is massive. Newzoo and GlobalCollect estimated that there were 1.78 billion gamers worldwide as of August 2014. Since its private beta launch in February 2015, GAMURS has more than 5,000 users, with numbers growing daily.

“We surveyed more than a thousand people and discovered that there was a large, untapped market of gamers looking to connect with each other outside of the generic social platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and that’s when GAMURS was born,” said GAMURS Co-founder, Phillip Luu. “I am excited to see how the GAMURS community will grow in the next year.”

Unlike rival sites, GAMURS’ seamlessly integrated technology organizes all site content into separate game categories, so users do not need to tag or link posts. If a user comments or posts about a game or makes an in-game achievement, that content is automatically posted to the game category. GAMURS offers a one-stop shop for everything related to gaming, and allows users to keep up to date with hot-off-the-press news and reviews from the people who really know what they are talking about.