H+ Technology receives the Company of the Year and Most Disruptive Awards from DigiBC

The company behind Holus, the tabletop holographic platform, took home two big awards at NextBC 2015

DigiBC recently hosted its annual digital and tech industry awards show in Vancouver, Canada. The award show, NextBC, showcases the most innovative and game-changing technologies of the year produced by British Columbia companies. This year, H+ Technology, the company behind Holus, took home the Company of the Year award as well as the Most Disruptive Innovation award.

“It is rare to see something that looks and feels like magic in today’s hyper-tech world. With its ingenious glass pyramid display that makes game characters appear to come to life in 3D, Holus delivers,” said awards judge Catherine Warren, president of FanTrust Entertainment Strategies and a DigiBC board member. “It’s easy to  imagine families playing around it, companies and researchers deploying it for imagineering, and Holus installations transforming galleries and schools.”

H+ Technologies and Holus are partnered with the Ronald McDonald House in British Columbia to create a one-of-a-kind Magic Room for the children and residents of the facility. This Magic Room uses Holus technology to transport children into a magic forest and, for a few hours a day, away from hospitals and illnesses. The H+ team has been able to use Holus to create an immersive and interactive experience for the children to flourish and learn inside the Magic Room. The Ronald McDonald House has reported that spending time with Holus has helped some children’s rehabilitation by giving them an exciting reason to begin walking and interacting with their surroundings.

Holus is coming soon to Kickstarter and will be offered in two versions. The Holus Home Edition, currently compatible with applications in Google Play and iTunes stores, is designed for families and geared to bring digital games to life. The Holus Pro includes an HDMI port and SDK tools for developers to manipulate Holus in infinite ways to create new products and reach new audiences.

H+ Technology has already partnered with Occipital, Leap Motion, EMOTIV and many other big names to create exclusive content for Holus. The Holus device creates four different viewing angles that allow users to experience any 2D images in a completely new and unique 3D way. To learn more about Holus and H+ Technologies, visit their website at http://hplustech.com.


H+ Technology is a group of visionary individuals leading a paradigm shift in the field of human-computer interaction. The company’s philosophy is to “Humanize Technology,” which means to create human-adaptive systems that are natural to use. They believe in collaborative, non-isolating computing environments that allow users to be engaged with information in a three-dimensional form. H+ Technology creates immersive holographic experiences which can interact with gestures, voices and other natural user interfaces. The purpose of designing these systems is to feel no barrier between human and digital information, and be immersed in the digital world we are creating. For more information, please visit http://hplustech.com.


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    Holus is a work surface platform that converts any digital content from a laptop, tablet or smartphone into a 3D, holographic expertise

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  • mike802

    I really like the Magic Room concept. It gives me a really clear picture of how this disruptive technology works. When I picture the Magic Room, I feel like this is something that I would want to experience in some way, maybe at a museum, maybe at a theater, who knows. It’s an extra win for H+ that they can promote themselves with a charity like Ronald McDonald House.

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