Hot Take: How Hive is simplifying team management tools

By Oliver Griffin November 17, 2016

Somewhat audaciously, Hive labels itself as the simplifier of the endless productivity and management tools. The AI-powered platform lets colleagues prioritize projects, send messages and share files through a seamless, easy-to-use dashboard – no extra training needed.

With an action list on the left of the screen, messages and notifications in the center, and file-sharing on the right, Hive’s straightforward dashboard does indeed let team members carry out various tasks without having to open any tabs.  To share a file, users simply drag it from the right side of the screen and drop it on the chosen colleague in the middle, and then to note down a colleague’s request or query, simply drop their message onto the action list.

“In collaboration, simplicity is everything, so we’ve created a single tool that gives teams the three core features they need for their daily workflows: messaging, actions, and file sharing,” says Hive co-founder and CEO John Furneaux. “Our powerful AI features mean everyone on the team can excel, helping an intern complete a task with the competence of an expert.”

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Hive uses natural language processing to read user commands and actions and respond with automated task suggestions. For example, if a user types “write blog post”, Hive will suggest a 10-step process to guide a junior marketer. With automated processes and smoother communication tools, teamwork needn’t be so hectic.

Hive integrates with over 100 popular tools, like Google Apps, Salesforce, Mailchimp and WordPress. It also supports integrations for files from Box, Google Drive and Dropbox. It offers a free version with unlimited messages and actions for up to ten users while the “Professional Version” at $8 per user per month adds unlimited integrations with up to 100 users. An additional Enterprise solution is also available. For non-profit teams, all Hive plans are offered at half price.

Hive is a fairly simplistic tool when compared with the sophisticated features and multiple platforms seen on software such as Flow and Trello, however its simplicity is what it prides itself on. Hive targets users of all technological abilities to embrace intelligent software that’s easy to use and perfect for managing a team’s workload in the quickest way possible.