Hold app looks to kick cell phone dependence in students

By Jeniffer Espinosa March 7, 2018
hold app
*This article was translated from its original Spanish version published on DobleClic


Cell phones have made a large percent of the population dependent on them, whether it be for needing them to communicate, to use social media, or many of the other tools that the devices lend.

Despite their multi-use qualities, cell phones also present obstacles when interacting with the real world due to the dependence and addiction they can generate.

Interfering with duties in work or school, many young people constantly have cell phones in their hands while in class, contributing to lack of concentration in classrooms across the world.

This is why the United Kingdom is trying to find a solution by awarding students who leave their cell phones at home. In order to achieve this goal, the UK is employing an app called Hold, which was created by three students at the Copenhagen Business School in Denmark who wanted to put an end to distracting phones in classrooms.

The app’s functionality is simple. A user accumulates 10 points for every 20 minutes of cell phone inactivity between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m. every single day. These points can then be exchanged for goods and services within the app, which is connected to brands that have contributed to the project, like Amazon, coffee companies, and movie theaters. There are also academic awards available, like books.

Each product has a determined cost, which can be reclaimed when the student accumulates a certain number of points.

In Latin America, the app can be downloaded on iOS and Android, but it is not in service yet. Initially, it will be launched only for students at 170 universities, where it will be offered for free.